Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blog Tour: Just Had My Next Stop at Papaleng_Thoughts-Unplugged

I just went through my messages and was glad to see that one of them included Papaleng "Papz" Pagulong's book review for one of my eBooks, 13th Breath: A Collection of Poetry and Prose. Papz has been one of those friendly people who made me feel welcome online when I first started blogging (and discovering how different writing online is from writing for print publications). I'm grateful that he has taken the time to share his opinions about my eBook.

His blog, "Papaleng: Thoughts - Unplugged" is my 3rd stop for my blog tour. Do check out his review about my eBook, and find out what his favorite is from this collection.

I'll see you next post, which, I'm pleased to tell you won't take too long. :-)

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