Monday, October 14, 2013

My 2nd Stop for My Blog Tour: Guimo's Like Silent Letters

And here's my next stop for my Blog Tour: Guimo's "Like Silent Letters" blog!

Do check out Guimo Pantuhan's book review of my eBook, "13th Breath: A Collection of Poetry & Prose" at his blog, "Like Silent Letters."

I'm really enjoying this Blog Tour! It's truly wonderful reading what others have to say about what you've written. You learn a thing or two, and that makes you more inspired to continue writing and producing more eBooks. I am so thankful to my friends and readers who support me in this journey! All the best to you all!


Guimo Pantuhan said...

Thanks Cates for the book!

SittieCates said...

You're most welcome, Guimo! :-) Thank you, too, for your book review.

lencilicious said...

I love this book so much. Thanks for the copy too. I will be posting my review real soon. :)

SittieCates said...

Hello, lenlicious! Truly looking forward to that. Thank you so much!

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