Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blog Tour: 4th Stop at Lencilicious' Sweet Home Keeping


If you've read my last post, which was published just a few minutes ago (told you I won't take too long ;-) ), you'll know that I had my 3rd stop at Papaleng "Papz" Pagulong's blog. Now, I just had my 4th stop (for my blog tour) at Lencilicious' Sweet Home Keeping

I never thought I'd have my 3rd and 4th stop at the same day. It is such a lovely feeling! :-) Now, I understand what an author wrote about blog tours, where the author mentioned that sometimes blog tours happen throughout the course of a month (or more) and some tours (although previously scheduled with the blogger and author) sometimes happen on the same day. As you can see, the latter was what happened to me today, and I am so happy about it. :-)

Just like Guimo (whose blog was my 2nd stop for my tour) and Papz, Lencilicious wrote a review about "13th Breath: A Collection of Poetry and Prose". (Miss Aileen A, on the other hand, whose blog was my first stop, wrote about my first eBook for kids, "Sleepyhead? NOT!")

I had fun visiting Lencilicious' blog and reading her review. Want to check it out? Just click here: "Ebook Review: 13th Breath by SittieCates" by Lencilicious.

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