Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shall it be a Cup of Books or a Mug of Movies?

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Now that my self-imposed deadline’s fast approaching, everything seems to be happening so fast. Books and movies are pouring in for me to read and study as if I’m just going to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a huge mug of chilled coffee. OK, thanks, you’ve noticed - it’s still coffee. Not much difference. lol!

Yup, everything’s coming in just like coffee. Like preparing coffee, I mean. Because it just takes a few minutes to give yourself whatever type of coffee concoction you absolutely desire. That’s right. It’s done. In minutes! Real fast!

That’s why I have to keep up with its pace.

Deadlines - this is when most writers get cold feet. They mumble to themselves, ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Yes, it is uttered as if there’s no space at all. ;-) Talk about getting somewhat unnerved on what’s going to happen.

Hold on.

Is life like that? Is it rush, rush, rush because everything’s going to be done in a few minutes? Like preparing coffee? Or reading a book? Or watching a movie?

Every second counts. You and I are governed by time. We’ve got deadlines for chrissakes!

But what if we don’t really have deadlines? What if time doesn’t really exist?

I’ve read in a book once that time is non-existent. I got initially confused when I read that. Believe me.

But you know what? If you think about it, it’s actually you who create your own time in order to get a grip on life, to see where you’re going and take note of how long you’re going to get there, and, along the way, I’m sure that you’ll use time to also remember where you’ve been. It’s our own creation. Our own deadlines. But, yes, it’s life.

So, if you create your time, can you say that you have time for the things that really mattered in your life?

So… Can you?

While you’re pondering on that, would you like to have a cup of books or a mug of movies with your own choice of coffee concoction? ;-)

These are today’s musings. I’ll see you next post! 

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