Sunday, August 26, 2012

Things to Do Before the BER Months


It’s just a few days before the first BER month comes in. And where would life find you? Stuck in the same way of life? Still holding a grudge at someone else? Still dreaming and wished you did something about those dreams but ending up not doing anything at all?

I thought of these things this morning. It was triggered by a memory.

A man, who always stays at the store at the corner of the street from where one of my brothers (and his family) reside, came to mind earlier when I was fixing my bookshelf. I remembered that when I had a short vacation at my brother’s place, I never failed to notice that the man would go there to the store early in the morning and stay there until evening. The store is two houses away from his home. I don’t know why he chooses to stay there most of the time as if he was on guard, keeping the village safe.

I often see him sitting there alone - come rain or shine; other times he was talking to people, who joined him there for awhile.

I don’t know why his image came to mind when I checked the time on my cell phone earlier, and took note of the date. The DATE! It’ll be September soon… in just a matter of time.

A few guideposts instantly came to mind. I actually keep these things year after year. Now, I’m sharing it with you.

1. Remember your goals that you’ve set out to do for this year. You still have time to attain them.
2. Remember the people who are still there, and cherish the folks who’ve made the various stages of your life truly special before their time on earth was done.
3. Remember that you're still alive. Remember who you are and keep what you have in your heart - your true character, your family, how your body still functions and keeps up with all your activities, your talents, what you love, and more.

Remember these things.

So, are you ready for the BER months? ;-) I hope so. I’ll see you next post.

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