Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Life Wheel by Celes- Understanding Your Present to Influence Your Future

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I walked for almost two hours yesterday and today while contemplating on so many things. I usually use moments like these to either let my mind rest or allow my brain to engage in a serendipitous think-writing process for what I'm working on. I usually walk (or run) for just an hour. But I stretched the time a bit since I was contemplating on certain projects.

During my walk awhile ago, while going through the motions of how I'll start and continue some manuscripts, I remembered one of the videos of Celestina Chua (Celes). It's like a how-to on living your life to the fullest by understanding your current situation by taking a visual representation of it, and taking steps towards slowly carving and influencing your future.

Who is Celes? She is one of those people whom I highly admire. Her website, Personal Excellence is truly inspirational. Plus, I love most of her free ebooks. And, I love her videos. And this one below is one of my favorites.

To make the most of your viewing experience, and to really get an informed grip with your current situation in life, I would suggest that you follow the instructions to a T. I did. And I had an interesting revelation. I hope you would, too. I'll see you next post! ;-)

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