Monday, April 9, 2012

Iced Summer ;-)

Ice Bubbles

Two days ago, I had one of the worst headaches due to the intense heat that I had to lose a few hours working on manuscripts at the latter part of the day. It was horrendous. But it wasn't fatal. Thank goodness! ;-)

Anyway, I was thinking. What if we would have an iced summer - with lakes, oceans and rivers wonderfully frozen to help cool the atmosphere? That would be lovely indeed! It's summer but there would be a certain cool feeling in the air. Enticing, isn't it? It shall be a lovely time to crank more articles since the weather would be so wonderfully conducive to inspiration. That mental block's history since it had to go hibernate somewhere in our heads.

But since that isn't happening yet, I'd better settle for glasses of iced water for now and press those on my cheeks to feel its delicious coolness. Ah, bliss! A few seconds more and I know I would look like Raggedy Ann with a patch of red on my cheeks because all my blood cells accumulated there. lol! At least I won't need  any make-up. That blush would be naturally fantastic. lol!

Or, I can do any of the following below:

One: Have an hour's bath. And make sure to fill the pail with lots of ice cubes.

Two: Go to a nearby mall (which I am not really fond of doing since I would rather stay at home and read books).

Three: Have an ice-cube party with close friends. Everything served should be really cold. ;-)

Four: Sleep and dream of an iced summer and recall that scene over and over and over again. lol! Yeah, until it comes true. ;-)

Oh well. I guess I'd better stick to a tall glass of iced water for now. Or help myself to a really, really tall glass of iced coffee. Hmmm... iced coffee... Now, that's more like it. ;-)

I'm curious. How do you keep cool during summer? Any funny or cool tips to share?

Ayt! I'll see you next post. Have an iced summer! ;-)

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