Friday, April 6, 2012

Found A Weird Shape on My Blog And What I Did to Remove it

Yay! Finally! I got in! Thank goodness. ;-)

You see, I was having problems logging on to blogger and a handful of secure sites for a few days. You may hear my podcast about this incident here: #downrightnow - I've Got Problems with Logging on to Secure Sites.

Good thing I was able to log on right now. But guess what I saw. There was a weird shape (refer to the image above) that had appeared right in the middle of my blog!

I know that I didn't tweak this blog lately before the logging-on problems happened. So what on earth was this weird shape?

Now, I'm not much of a techie person that's why I love research. It helps me a lot.

What did I find out? Well, the weird shape's page source is facebook. Particularly, the facebook gadgets I've chosen to add to my blog.

After learning where that came from, it was now time to remove or deactivate the gadgets.

Here's what I did:

FIRST: I checked if my page would be all right if I removed this share button since it included a facebook option.

Nothing happened. The weird shape was still there. So, I figured, I'll work on the other facebook gadgets I've used. And see if I can add this recommend button later if this won't pose as a problem.

SECOND: I removed the LIKE button for the blog posts.

THIRD: I removed the gadget with the faces of my friends and followers. I have to admit I did this with a heavy heart since I like seeing the faces of those who have chosen to follow me.

Since that gadget's removed, those who would like to join my blog's official fan page on facebook may have to click on my blog's badge (as seen below) to get to my SC page. (For those who are not aware of this, this is my first blog. SC stands for SittieCates. I refer to my other blog as SLS for SittieCates Loves Stories.)

Anyway, right after I've removed those, here's what I saw.

Yup. That's correct. No more weird shape!

Hope this info helps others who have experienced this.

Oh, by the way, I added back blogger's "recommend this" gadget at the bottom of the posts since I've found out that it doesn't pose any problems anyway. ;-) At least people can still share my blog.

Ayt! I'll see you next post. ;-)

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