Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Impressive Performances of Britain's Got Talent Celebrities - Jonathan Antoine And Charlotte Jaconelli

(Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli)

I had to take a few minutes break from what I was doing and decided to go on social media to have a quick chat with a friend of mine about some upcoming projects.

That's when I saw this (shared) video of the stunning performance of Jonathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli at Britain's Got Talent on my feeds.

I love music. And I love impressive performances that just blows me away. So, I grabbed my headset and listened to the performance, and allowed myself a few short minutes more before I go back to what I was doing earlier. 

The friends WOW the crowd and the judges with their spectacular rendition of The Prayer.

And what can I say about it?

The performance was truly a blast! So spectacular! I have to admit it actually brought tears to my eyes. 

Below is a video of the actual show and after that is one of the live performances of the duo at a church as they sing one of my favorite songs, "All I Ask of You."

Do hope you enjoy the videos. 

Ayt! Back to work. I'll see you next post! ;-)

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