Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting the Most Out of Life: I'm in LOVE!

Yes, that's correct. That's definitely part of the title of this post: "I'm in LOVE!"

I know, I know.

You're probably thinking why on earth will I ever write about something so cheesy as being in love? Haven't I had enough heartaches in the past? LOL! And why would being in love be considered as one of those things that may help people in getting the most out of life? What's the connection, you ask?

Are you wondering if I've been conked on the head or something? Perhaps, it's the food that I'm savoring right this very minute while writing this. Yup, perhaps, that explains it. Because, in between mouthfuls of delicious Vietnamese Cha Gio springrolls with the Thai chili sauce for dipping, and khao pad gai (ข้าวผัดไก่) or Thai fried rice with chicken, I feel so revitalized! So kinetically charged! LOL! 

Before I go on and fill you in on my musings for today, I'd like you to see this beautiful video originally uploaded by chryssanthemum on youtube for the song "I Love You" by Martina McBride.

Done watching? Good. Did you enjoy it? Me, too. That's why I had this urge to share it with you because it's such a nice video for that song. Kudos to Chryssanthemum! ;)

Now, let's go back to where we left off. 

As I was saying, I'm in love.

With whom, you ask? LOL! 

OK, allow me to borrow one of the lines in the poem, "How Do I Love Thee" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861): "Let me count the ways..."


I'm in love with life! Gotcha! And you thought I would actually tell you about this certain person, huh? LOL! Wrong guess. :)

Sure, I've had my share of ups and downs. Who doesn't? But, why be stuck in the mud and pity myself or seek someone to pity me whenever I get hit by problems? That wouldn't even elevate one's misery. Let alone remove me from depression's sharp claws. 

That's why I chose to see the world again through multi-colored glasses. It's fun because everywhere I look, I would notice this glorious burst of colors that may merely appear as normal and ordinary to the usually-busy or emotionally-depressed person. 

Well, don't go looking around for that type of glasses. You won't find it at any shop. It's actually internal. You manufacture and develop it from inside. When you've successfully done that, you would be able to see the vibrant splash of colors that life has to offer you. Isn't that beautiful? Wouldn't you want to see that, too? If your answer is yes, what's stopping you from seeing it, then?

Some of my friends say, "Count your blessings." You've probably heard that, too. 

OK. So, what are my blessings?

One of them is being part of the Top 10 Finalists in this year's PBA (Philippine Blog Awards) for the Personal/Diary Category - Luzon Level. 

I wasn't able to bag the trophy at the awards night, but, being included among the Top 10 Finalists in Luzon was really a great honor! I was so thrilled when I learned my blog got included. See? You can see a different picture when you would choose to wear your own multi-colored glasses. You can see the beauty of each experience whether you win at the final round or not.

Here are my screenshots garnered from the official site of the Philippine Blog Awards.

(Do excuse my futile attempts at making these screenshots look decent and professional with the crooked arrows and all. LOL!)

1st Screenshot

2nd Screenshot

Everyone knows there's more to life. So, count your blessings, too, so you'll see that your life is really rich and wonderful. 

Why go for the ordinary or the drab side of things? Stop for awhile. Observe. There are many colorful experiences that's happening to you right this very minute if you would only try to be more observant and aware of what's going on in your life. 

Learn to appreciate what is happening before it becomes part of your past.


I'm in love with writing! Always have. Always will be. It's my passion. What's yours? What drives you? Have you contemplated on that lately? Do you really know what you like to do?

For me, it's writing. Why? I'm so in love with how the words flow from my brain's inner wirings to the tips of my fingers as I tap-tap on the keys of the keyboard. It's like a synchronized romantic dance of nerve impulses, emotional desires of my heartstrings, and my own mental analysis and perspective. It's a whole lot of ME, and I love it!


I'm in love with health! It's hard when someone in your closest circle gets sick. It not only drains the sick person of strength. It also drains you (even if you're not sick at all). You spend sleepless nights checking on the person's condition. You make sure that you've given the correct dosage at the appropriate schedule. You worry a lot. 

See? It completely drains you, too. Soon, your health would suffer, and there would be two people who would then be ill, and in need of medical attention.

That's why it is imperative to stay healthy. Love health. Seek ways on how to gain that so no one gets sick in your circle. And you won't have any reason to worry.

So, yes, I'm in love! ♥♥♥

What about you? Do you want to be in love, too?

Go ahead. Be in love. It's the most delicious, sustaining, strengthening, emotionally-fulfilling experience that you can give yourself. It's the best gift of life. :)


Miss `Chievous said...

You got me with this one, sis! Hahaha. Pero I'm glad you're super happy.

Me din. Seems like the world is a lot better ever since I was single again. Haha. :) I've learned how to appreciate the world more, my friends and other people. Na realize ko na there are still a lot of things that I have to try. Busy sched na nga ako ngayon. hehe. :)

And wow, congratulations for being nominated! :) Next time, malay mo mananalo ka na.

kikilabotz said...

i donk if you heard about law of attraction, Based on your post i can see ur on te right path. keep loving life and life will keep loving you

SittieCates said...

@Miss 'Chievous: Hi there, sis! Thanks ha. Yeah, next time, I hope my blog would get included again, and I would win a trophy. That would be super nice.

So, were you one of those who thought I would be saying something about a certain guy? lol! Gotcha! hahaha... ;-) Glad you liked this post. Thanks, sis.

@kikilabotz: Why thank you so much, kikilabotz. I really hope that life will keep loving me. :-)

Brewed Coffee said...

I'm in love too...and I will leave that hanging hahaha! :-)

Christ4Thailand said...

Just don't over do it..people who fell in love with themselves often becomes greedy and forget that they have a God to thank for everything.
Just the same stay cool and stay in touch with God.
Thanks fro visiting C4T's site :)
God bless

papaleng said...

So happy for you Cates for you are now getting a fair share of life.. akala ko in-love ka na nga talaga. LOL

Macherie said...

sis, its great your still inlove with life. SOmetimes, I forget this as I am surrounded by narci people that I have to please. Loving life takes a backseat at times for monetary reasons.. lol

merry xmas!

Stay inlove!

SittieCates said...

@Brewed: Hellooooo, Brewed! It's good to know you're in love, too, sis. Don't worry, you can leave that message hanging. lol! ;-)

@Christ4Thailand: Hi, Nes! You're welcome. Thank you, too, for taking the time to visit my blog and read this post. You don't have to worry about me turning into a nacissist with an inflated sense of self-worth. It's life that I'm truly in love with. So no worries, Nes. ;-)

@papaleng: Hahahaha! Gotcha! In-love naman ako talaga a. With life, that is. :-)

@Macherie: Hi there, sis! Having monetary reasons is perfectly all right. lol! I'm guessing those narci people have a reason to be there in your life. They are there to show you that there are so many individuals around who are definitely better than them. Hahaha... ;-) Merry xmas to you, too!

Anonymous said...

How refreshingly, deliciously love - ly Sittie. Congrats too on being in the finals. Way to go....:-)

SittieCates said...

@JM Lennox: Hi Janette! So lovely to see you. Thank you so much! :-)

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