Friday, December 30, 2011

Declutter and Give Thanks: New Year's Resolutions Need Not Merely be Done at the End of the Year

I'm in between projects, and these ruminations kept entering my mind as I rush from one task to another...

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Before the New Year would arrive, and embrace our lives, there are two things that I had observed most of us do.

It's like a morning ritual of some sort.

First: People think of myriad ways on how to declutter their lives.

Declutter - which, simply means elimination... eliminating things (physical garbage or those inner emotional saboteurs) that you don't really need that's hampering your growth, your success. 

Beautiful! That's how it's supposed to be right?

In order to move forward, you've got to ditch that physical garbage and emotional baggage that's keeping your mental powers stagnant, letting you stay at one weedy, thorny spot.

For removing physical garbage, you summon all your physical powers and do away with bills. You organize your files and workspace. You clean your home. 

For eradicating emotional and mental stress, you reassess your priorities. You write down your goals. You completely face and triumphantly beat the major culprit of hindering you towards your success - FEAR.  

OK, so that is usually deeply thought about when it comes to a year-end awareness thing. Sort of like, well, since we will be embracing a NEW YEAR soon, we've got to reassess our footing on how we would like our lives to evolve.

Nice one. Motivational. A perfect move to help realign your mindset.

But why do think most of us would merely do that during the time when a new year will come?

Second: Here's another one: Giving thanks for your blessings. It's like a year-end accumulation of good things that have been blessed upon you by the heavens.

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That's perfectly all right, too. However, doncha think that most of us would only realize that they have to be grateful for those things they have received when it's a few weeks, days, hours, minutes or even a few seconds away from the dawn of the New Year? Have you read most of what others would say as they tell you about a recap of the year's best experiences?

What about a week's recap on all the good things that had happened? Or a day's recap? Engaging in it at every moment of everyday, perhaps? Wouldn't that count more?

These two things are what we usually include among our New Year's resolutions. Since it's like a habit to most of us, it is considered to be good ways in starting a new year.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for decluttering one's life and being grateful for the blessings one has received. It's just that I wonder why most of us would merely do these things when the clock starts ticking towards a New Year. Why wait for the New Year to do these resolutions? Why not do these every single day?

What do you think?

Well, while you're contemplating on that, I'd like you to join me as I count the hours til midnight...

Happy New Year to all! ♥

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dee gold said...

happy new year,sis!

SittieCates said...

Hello, Dee! Happy New Year, too, sis! Miss u! ;-)

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