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Try Explaining This to a Non-Techie Like Me: What are the Different Ways to Use a PLDT Telpad?

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What are the different ways to use a PLDT Telpad? Hmmm...

I could hear the chickens of our neighbor screaming their tonsils out from time to time while thoughts of owning a PLDT Telpad gently rock my world back and forth as if I'm in a hammock of some sort.

It isn't entirely morning yet.

In fact, the world - from where I am - is still caught between the ghastly hours of midnight and dawn.

But I'm proud to say that my mind is still alert.

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OK. Wrong symbolical picture...


Second try.

I said, my mind is ALERT!

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Now, where did I freakin' get THAT?

OK. Never mind.

I guess you catch my drift. ;-)

Anyway, why am I still up when the rest of the world is probably extolling the precious moments that they are given to relish a restful slumber - snugly tucked in beneath the sheets in their own cuarto de dormir?

Why? Because my mind's wheels are trying to process a crystal-clear, no-nonsense-tell-it-like-it-is take in answer to the question, "What are the Different Ways to Use a PLDT Telpad?" for PLDT's "Blog IT to Win IT" contest.

You see, I'm a non-techie. Anything technical scares me out of my wits. But, if it is simply explained in laymen's terms, and showed in an engaging detailed format, it becomes less threatening, less daunting.

So, if technical stuff freaks you out, too, don't worry. I'll try to keep things simple for you.

What are the different ways to use a PLDT Telpad?

This cool gadget, launched last December of 2011, comes in two sleek models: The S7 slim model and the AD 1000a.

For the former, here's a detailed screenshot of its features:

Image Credits: pldttelpad

Did your mind spin on that one?

It didn't? Good! Because mine did. ;-)

Anyway, how would you know the different ways to use this?

One: Remember: It's a phone! It acts like a normal phone that you've been used to for years. So relax. It's pretty easy for you to handle since it has a 4-point multi-touchscreen which is ultra-sensitive to touch. So if you're holding one in your hands right now, go ahead. Don't be shy. Just use your fingers - literally!

What's more, it comes with an 8 GB (gigabyte) built-in memory. Now, don't faint on me with the mere mention of that term. Puh-leeze, don't lose all your blood cells! I don't want the idea of my having to rush you to the nearby hospital even before I explain everything to you. All you need to know is that you can store a lot of phone numbers easily, and still have more memory left to store other handy features.(See "Memory" and "Touch Panel" features above for guidance.)

Picture this: It's like being with a family - a unified group that you're pretty familiar with, and whose members have been there with you since you were born. As this video below quips, It's "a landline that keeps us together" no matter what the distance is - just like what a family does.

2nd: Although it functions as a phone, it's got a whole lot of "A" points for "Attitude." Lemme make that (double) "AA" for "Awesome Attitude!" Why? Well, it's got multimedia features! (See "Input/Output" and "Cameras, Photos, Video Recording" features above for guidance.)

Since this tablet comes with a front cam, a camcorder, a built-in speaker and microphone, taking photos and videos with friends and family would be as easy as having your much-needed Zzzz's after a long day's work. You can playback your recordings and incorporate music, too, if you like. (See "Display Resolution" and "Entertainment" features above for guidance.) You can even organize PDF files and MS documents. 

3rd: If you're a self-confessed online addict, you'll be deliriously happy to know that this connects you to the online world in nanoseconds! You can stay in touch with your online community through any of the social networking sites you prefer: Go ahead and tweet to your heart's desire. Go to your facebook account and chat with friends or see what's new in your News Feed. Log in to Skype

It also keeps you in touch with other pertinent online information. Search Google for anything you need to know. Watch the online news. View your favorite music videos on youtube

What's more, it also has gaming features. So, if you're a fan of the "Angry Birds" or other interesting games, you're in luck! ;-)

As you can see, you can do all these and more! (See "Wireless & Cellular" and "Software & Processor" features above for guidance.)

But why merely allow me to rave about it? 

See what this phone tablet can delightfully do for you from the video below. 

"It's your landline - reinvented!" says PLDT.

Still want to know more of the different ways to use a PLDT Telpad? More information about this fabulous must-have product can be garnered from the PLDT Telpad Microsite or its PLDT landline Facebook page.

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