Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Short Message, New Image

Just a short note.

I just changed the look of my blog. Managed to move things around... And voila! It is now as it appears to be.

I also added a tab for you to check on the "recent features." You will see I've included a poll because I would love to know your opinions and preferences on the questions I would come up with no matter how creative, worldly, odd, or silly those questions may be.

Will be back soon. Promise.

For the meantime, I hope you could click on your vote in answer to my first question on my POLL located here at the right side of my blog right after my (online) pet fishes. :-) Just scroll down a bit. Thanks. Ciao!


Marie said...

Your blog has changed Ate..
Please forgive me if I only visited here once, since I've been busy! :/

Well... It looks great now!

See you soon!

SittieCates said...

Hi there, Marie! Thanks for dropping by and thank you, too, for that lovely compliment for my blog's current look. No worries about visiting my blog just now. At least you took the time to visit my blog. I appreciate that very much. Thank you. I understand how busy a student's life may be. So, no prob. Study well. Take care.

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