Saturday, July 16, 2011

Problems, Anyone? Seal it or Jot it Down

Never tell your problems to anyone... 20% don't care and the other 80% are glad you have them. 
~ Lou Holtz

I saw this quote minutes ago. Yes, it is one of those things that sort of hangs around and floats there for awhile in my brain. 

Memorable? Well, is it obvious? :-) Why? Because, in a sense, it holds a grain of truth. It urges one to contemplate on whether or not he is leading an abject life because he had chosen to lay his book of life open to everyone. 

Sure, it's fine to share secrets, to air out problems. But, there are times when saying too much can cause more predicaments than when you started with. Besides, you may not be sure if the person you're sharing things with would really hold your best interests at heart. 

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I remember watching The Tyra Banks Show about this segment on being a Player Hateher where the closest of friends seem to ditch dirt on each other. 

What I found increasingly abhorrent about that segment was when a particular guest admitted that when she would experience hurdles, the other one gets weirdly satisfied. Yeah, underlying reasons may ensue for that sort of behavior. But during these real experiences, it may be difficult for those involved to see that. 

I know. 

I've been burned by frenemies (friends turned enemies) in the past to whom I've chosen to entrust my life stories.  

So, perhaps, the above quote would even be better if I add... "Anyway, problems would even be more gigantic if you choose to divulge EVERYTHING - even to those whom you know and trusted for years because that person may harbor the so-called Player Hateher personality." 

Tip? When you're in the midst of crazy moments, keep your lips sealed. If you really have this itch to share, choose one or two people. Better yet, pray or meditate instead. Or, if you love to write, then let your fingers do the talking . You don't need to send it. Just don't forget to keep those notes. They may come in handy for a new story. :-)


nilknarf_soive said...

Hi Sittie!

I realized I used to be one of those who fall on this trap - sharing every detail of my problems to everyone. Writing is good channel to express the tension. However it also became my mistake to elaborate my problems through my writings. Words are sometimes easily misinterpreted by other people, especially those with intentions to do it.

I have realized that it is helpful to sugar some of my written stories to make it appear like it's somebody else's problems and not mine.

Ganun nalang siguro mga right-brained people...

Kuung anu-ano nalang mga sinasabi ko... isa lang sigurado - this article is thought provoking... Cheers!

lencilicious said...

hello there. Right, be careful what to share and definitely choose people to share our sentiments. Or better yet, go to our rooms and pray. Lovely article Cates.

SittieCates said...

@nilknarf: Hello there, nilknarf! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, sometimes the written words sometimes get misinterpreted by other people. For me, it's all right to make it appear as someone else's problems when your writing down your inner sentiments. At least you had a way of expressing what you feel without worrying about someone twisting what you say, and sharing that new version to others.

@lencilicious: Hi there, sis. Thank you. Yeah, 'cause it really pays to be more careful nowadays. :-)

macherie said...

this is true, one should be careful with what we share to other people.We might get burned because of it.Lovely article.

Christ4Thailand said...

Hi Sittie,

Writing in a diary helps me a lot. I'm actually teaching my kids to write their sentiments in it instead of sharing it to others. We should be very careful of telling our worries and troubles to others.


papaleng said...

My life is an open bok to many. But I do keep some secrets here in my heart.

SittieCates said...

@macherie: Thanks, mach. Yeah, we should be really picky with what we tell others.

@Christ4Thailand: Hi, Yez! Do extend my hellos to Nes. It's nice to know you have a diary to which you can let your hair down and not worry too much on what others may say.

@papaleng: Great to know you still keep secrets because, nowadays, you may not know who you can really trust.

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