Saturday, July 23, 2011

Are You Pretty Sure it's REAL LOVE?

Writers by heart and by profession, and even those self-confessed writers who work at different career paths and opt to hide their works to everyone, know how love can evoke the most heightened of emotions to those who choose to get ensnared by its (sometimes) intoxicating and yet (mysteriously) fulfilling attributes (that may be granted only to a chosen few).

However, while writing about this particular strong emotion may prove to be a simple task, it may not be a similar smoothly-written script in real life.   

Not that I'm being pessimistic on this one. I'm just being realistic since I've seen others who wouldn't want to get into this and start all over again - only to lose their grip at the end. 

My personal take on this? It remains to be seen. :-) 

Words and actions should, somehow, play a similar tune. But there are times when words and actions go in opposite directions, and make twisted patterns (completely) independent of the other. So, can you say if it's really love in the first place?

A friend of mine said that love can be beautifully written in one's life as one can expertly write a poem, song, script, or novel about it. She stands by that view even though she had gone through tumultuous relationships that left her weak and depressed for days. I admire her for her strong conviction that love can create a happy ending in real life even though her heart had been badly bruised time and time again.

For me, I guess, perhaps, she's right. A beautiful love story can be written  in real life - that is as long as it would be viewed as something that both partners should work on. It's a continuous thing. A team effort between two people - which, should not really involve other personal relationships outside of the romantic relationship itself. 

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Still, many of my friends can't help wondering... How can a person be sure that it's the REAL THING - the one that is meant to stay 'til eternity? Would there be a backspace or DELETE button that you can hit whenever certain errors in the real-life script occurs? Could you change the plot if you're not really satisfied? Could you add certain characteristics to the real-life main characters involved to ensure that it would be a smooth-sailing ride filled with wonderful, lasting adventures that you wouldn't hesitate to share when you have grandchildren of your own?

While these things hovered in my head, as I surfed the net to do some quick research for another material, I was quite amused that my clicking on the mouse and my typing of keywords on the search engines had, somehow, unearthed this site that made me stay awhile for more than a few seconds.  

A case of serendipity? Perhaps. 

Anyway, while the blogger, Timothy Simon (Cu) Ang posted lots of interesting photos and quotations worth a second (or even a third - or more) look, one particular entry had taken ALL my attention. 

Go ahead and see why. Here's the piece:


y.Ho said...

Nice definition of love there.. but I guess love is like a big package all together. Like, it might not be love when your heart beats when you see them, or when you stay loyal to them, or you don't want to hurt them, or when you pardon them. But to love, it requires all these. So, love comes in all things and love, has such a broad definition, that it's different for everyone.

SittieCates said...

Hi there, Y (Yeokho)! Thanks. Yes, people (with various personalities) do have their own definitions about love. ;-) That's why it gets so complicated at times. lol!

By the way, I dropped by at your site and saw your last post, "Y No One Reads My Blog?" I love it! I totally understand how it is and have asked myself the same question countless of times before. So, you can say we're in the same boat. Don't worry, I'll read your blog. ;-) I love it! Count me as one of your recent followers. Keep in touch!

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