Friday, July 15, 2011

Writing in Snippets of Time

Years ago, I had convinced myself that I don't have time to write. That's what I told others who would ask me what I have written lately.

I simply say, "I'm busy with other things." 

Lame, I know.

The urge to write was there. But, let's face it: Most writers have their own alibis.

Busy with other important activities? Too many social functions? A family to take care of? School?

Yeah, during those days, there always seemed to be SOMETHING... something that would come between me and writing.

But if you really, really, REALLY like something, you would do EVERYTHING to make time for that. That's a fact!

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So let me show you when you can make time to write as I had come to discover:

(1) As soon as you wake up

(2) While waiting for a cab or bus

(3) While waiting for a person

(4) While waiting for a meeting/conference/seminar/symposium/show to take place

(5) Before sleeping

(6) In between (routine) activities

(7) While having your nails manicured/pedicured at a salon

(8) While having your haircut

(9) Many more

Yes, there will always be snippets of time available. The best tip for that? Use it wisely. :-)


papaleng said...

good pointers, Yes, making notes while on a bus going to Victoria, Laguna. good day, Cates.

Miss `Chievous said...

I love your tips, I bought writing books. Guide for when and how to write, etc. And they suggest tips like you did. ;) You're a genius. Lol.

And I want a smartphone! So that I could scribble my words whenever inspiration hits me.

SittieCates said...

@papaleng: Hey there! Nice to know that. I do hope there were lots of stopovers for you to legibly jot down your ideas while on the road.

@Miss 'Chievous: Thank you! Books on writing are truly a goldmine.

I hope you get a smartphone soon. :-) For the meantime, perhaps, you may want to keep a pocket-sized notebook to help capture those wonderful ideas that would come to you.

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