Friday, July 29, 2011

Build and Maintain the Bones of Success

"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone."
~ Reba McEntire

Why these three things?

Well, why not?

That's what I told myself when I came across the above quote online.

Why not, indeed? Imagine, life would be more bearable if we have these three simple things.

The pessimists and those who may be labeled as stick-in-the-muds may not agree. The incredulous may choose to remain as a skeptic.

But many of those who love the written word and believe that fairy tales do come true would understand the importance of having these things.

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A wishbone. I know the thrill of getting a wishbone while eating a hearty meal of homemade chicken. I simply couldn't stop myself from sharing it, closing my eyes, and making a wish as I hold the wishbone in my hands as delicately as I can - careful enough not to break it before I'm done with my wish. Hoping with all my heart that I get the better part (as a sign that my wish will come true).

Sometimes, I make more than one wish, and - one by one, to my utter amazement - I (seem to) get them all. Other times, my desires remain as such. But that doesn't stop me from getting a wishbone and wishing all over again.


Well, my desires are a huge part of me. Just like the desires of those fictional characters who fill the pages of books with loads of exciting adventures, these things grow in my heart - waiting to be fulfilled.

Sure, there were times when I had to put those aside. But I learned, through the years, that I needed to be reminded of what I truly love, what my goals were. And what better way to do that by finding a wishbone and having to experience that childlike thrill of whispering all the desires of my heart once again? Isn't it simply wonderful? 

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A backbone. For me, that symbolizes strength. Mental, physical, and psychological strength. Guts, too, may play a humongous role.

Now, I wasn't born with a backbone with those symbolisms just mentioned. If that was the case, I'd be better than Superman and all those other super heroes that grazed the silver screens and continue to amuse thousands of kids and kids-at-heart. My, I would probably be so strong that even my blog would be viewed by many as a powerful blog that no kryptonite can ever destroy. :)

But that isn't the case.

I was born just like everyone else. Fragile, weak, dependent to those who took the time to change my soiled nappies and made sure I was happy, well-fed, clean, and healthy.

I had to develop that backbone, that strength, that drive, that guts. And I have to maintain it because, sometimes, that bone still gets fractured. But that type of bone can mend itself if you take in a lot of calcium in the form of helpful information to stay strong in life amidst all the possible headaches and heartaches that life can bring.

A funnybone. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Life is actually fun. It's filled with smiles and laughter.

OK. I admit. There were times I stayed at the dark pages of my life, those chapters that bring in more depressing moments than I could actually bear - making it all the more harder to laugh and enjoy things as they come. But here's a great magical reminder: Once you start to make yourself smile, try to act silly and giggle again as a child, the boisterous, knee-slapping- Ha Ha Has and Hee Hee Hees would easily come to you. Now, don't just take my word for it. Go ahead and try it just when it would be so difficult to even manage a smile. 


papaleng said...

Very in-depth presentation of your inner life. I'm more of the Realistic type of man, so I don;t fancy that much having a wish bone.. Though, having wishes is healthy ingredient for a motivated life. Ah, I always depend on what god has store for me. Back bone ad Funny bone, that I can say 75% I have achieved..

Marie said...

I don't have any of those 3 Ate! But I know I'll be much better this time than before. Why? Because I need to.. I can see a brighter future if I changed and I will be successful.. with GOD!

SittieCates said...

That's nice to know, papaleng. :-) Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

SittieCates said...

@Marie: Oh, but I do believe you have these three bones, Marie.

Perhaps, these things already appear real strong in your nature or may still be in need of further development.

These things are - mainly - symbolisms of what's really important in life:

(The Wishbone) The need to have a sense of direction in life, a goal, a wish, or dream in order to grow and move forward in life without losing our purpose.

(The Backbone) The need to be strong enough to face all trials in order to learn the painful lessons that help make us a better person.

(The Funny Bone) The strong ability to make yourself smile and laugh, and appreciate the lighter side of things even during the most painful of moments.

If you say YES to these, then, you have these bones carrying these symbolisms. :)

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