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I was scanning countless of books and magazines one day to get ample material for an article on brisk walking when I came across an interesting piece on heart disease in one of the old issues of Reader's Digest.

Some parts of the article seemed to demand great attention because of the compelling info it carried.

It read:

"Diseases of the heart and vascular systems kill almost three times as many women as all forms of cancer." (Parry, Jane. "What's Your Heart Disease IQ? Reader's Digest Asia. Dec. 2003.)

Warning signs include: back pain, nausea, chest pain, indigestion-like discomfort and shortness of breath.

Such a scary thought. But one worth pondering on.

What really got my attention was that the dangers this disease and other ailments carry can be delayed and (even) completely stopped by engaging in brisk walking.

According to the same article, a 20-minute easy-to-do exercise has a 30.% reduction on the possible risks of death caused by this disease.

Dr. Romeo Santos, the President of the Philippine Heart Association (during that time of writing of that article) stated that the advantages "may be due in part to the blood pressure lowering effects of exercise."

Supported by another magazine on health, experts say that taking 10,000 steps (4-5 miles) can do wonders for one's overall health.

Imagine: A cost-free and simple-to-do exercise can spell a huge difference between life and death, sickness and health.

Good thing I embarked on this routine early last year.

I started it in the hopes of saving more instead of spending money for fares and such. Everyone thought I was crazy!

I would walk everywhere: At parks, dirt roads, highways, etc. At first, it was a struggle; my hips, legs, ankles and feet would scream in agony especially if I take a longer route.

But I persevered.

Nowadays, I look forward to my walks.

That said: I think it's time to change into my walking attire - now that I know that there are more advantages that I can gain from this.

Brisk walking as a miracle cure to heart disease and other ailments? Well, if you don't want to take any chances when it comes to your health and your life, why don't you join me for a few rounds?

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