Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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Ready to jumpstart those creative juices, and let your fingers hastily capture the numerous thoughts born every millisecond of each moment in your head, and mold them into an understandable unit on your laptop, desktop or typewriter? Well, hold your horses! It's time to get reacquainted (if you haven't done so already) with the nuts and bolts of writing, and listen to the pros who are willing to tell you the wisdom of the ages from the top seven writing sites that you must not live without.

So, take a look at this list of the top seven writing sites where you can get vital information on the to-dos and what-nots in the literary world that you and I have chosen to be a part of.

Absolute Write

If you want to know the latest writer's workshop, read helpful tips, and get your hands on valuable resources, this site should be your first stop on the Internet. There are lots of information that may prove to be a goldmine, so check it out, and familiarize yourself with its numerous offers.

Agent Nathan Bransford's Blog

The blog of Nathan Bransford, a San Francisco agent, is well worth reading and following. His views and tips on how to make more money, writing a novel, writing a query, and other information is a must-read.


Backspace is like coming home to your own writing abode. It is filled with news and feature articles that you may want to examine further. A minimal fee is required if you want to join their forum.

Book in a Week

If you're experiencing a slump, this site may help you get busy. What's fun is that you'll be doing your writing work for a week. No excuses. Sounds like a lot? Well, not to many who choose to take up the challenge. Why not try it? You may be surprised how things work out.

Buried in the Slush Pile

Here, you will find information on juvenile writing. Most of the posts of the author are thought-provoking and worth learning a lot from.

Duotrope's Digest

This site provides a free listing of numerous resources for writers. This covers more than 2,000 writing markets that deal with poetry, novels, or short fiction. Definitely worth your time!


Writer organizations and groups, forums, market listings, event listings and more - that's what you can find when you visit this site.

These top seven writing sites are a must for every aspiring and professional writer. Checking out the sites is like going back to basics but learning more in return.

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