Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In the Life of a Writer: What I Learned When I was Growing Up

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Don't talk when your mouth is full.

First, it's rude. Second, your parents and older siblings would have a hard time to decipher and follow what you were o-a-o-w-h about. Third, that would be a pretty lame imitation of Chewbacca in the movie, Star Wars.

So, although you've got much to say as a kid, you just have to wait AFTER you've swallowed that spoonful before you blurt out things (even if you think you have the talents of being a great storyteller in the near future). And you should remember to resume talking BEFORE getting another spoonful.

Funny how I used to forget that all the time when I was younger.


I appreciate that "don't-talk-when-your-mouth-is-full" admonition now that I'm an adult.

I have greater leverage nowadays expressing my thoughts during meal times by keeping my mouth shut, letting my mind run free, and writing what I wanted to say later on in a notebook. I find that this is just one of the best ways to help me get more ideas on what to write for an article that I would choose to submit.

Other thoughts, however, are best kept in that notebook of mine. :)

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