Thursday, March 17, 2011


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Professional writers and newbies still need guidance. Thank goodness the Internet has ready information with a click of the mouse.

For those searching for more valuable tips in writing, here are three articles to help you:

One: What Can You Do if a Publisher Prints Your Work Without Permission?"

Brian A. Klems of Writer's Digest lessens the headaches by providing straight answers that you need. One of his latest articles, "What Can You Do if a Publisher Prints Your Work Without Permission?" is a must-read for those who think may find themselves in this sticky unfavorable situation. 

Two: What Editors Won't Tell You (But We Will)

Another article that I find so amusing is Writer's Digest's, "What Editors Won't Tell You (But We Will)" that never fails to make me smile because I get to see the other side of the story, straight from the horse's mouth. With its no-nonsense answers from various editors themselves, you get a clear picture on what not to do so editor's would love you more, and you'll make their work easier. 

Three: How to Protect Your Writing

Now, this is grade A advice for those who wish to have their writing protected for life. Great article, especially, for newbies.

That's it for now. These articles will help you get back on track, and, hopefully, remind you to continue to write even though there are days when you feel your words do not reflect what you wanted to say. Don't worry, I get those OFF days as well. It's just a temporary slump. So, just keep writing. Get busy. And you'll see your words will come alive again.

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