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Has it only been yesterday when I told myself that I would do this, and I would do that – minutes after the dawn of the New Year started with a festive mood and hearty midnight meal to share with your loved ones amidst the smoke-filled air from the fireworks display?


But who am I kidding?

It’s already the month of October. And, in a couple of days, weeks, and a few months, you and I would say adieu to the year that we now know – 2010.

Now here’s the clincher: From January to this month of October, what have you and I accomplished? Were we able to say our hurrahs because we were able to attain most of our dreams that we have set ourselves to accomplish for this year? Or, did we somehow find some excuses or reasons, and – at the back of our minds - hope that this year would last longer in order for us to fulfill our goals in life?

It’s Done on a Daily Basis, Not a One-Time Event

Sure, it’s not that simple to get all our goals in life. These things can’t be garnered overnight. It takes days, weeks, and months – in order to instill the discipline we need to strengthen our perseverance to accomplish what we have promised ourselves to do.

Besides, doesn’t the saying state that “anything we attain easily, we tend to regard lowly?” And, if Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the fields of rice and corn weren’t grown in a frantic rush by the skilled hands of farmers, do you think that rushing things would make us attain goals faster?

It’s a process. A continuous program. And, I guess you would agree with me that it may be best for both of us if we should not opt for quick-fix schemes since this would lessen the growth and development that we need go through.

Setbacks are a Part of Life, of Growth

Encountering problems along the way? Yes, that may be possible. Setbacks may come at times.

But, as the word connotes, you and I may merely need to “set back” a particular situation that may not have a ready solution at the moment. In doing so, I believe that we would be able to see the whole scenario, and gauge our next step, our next move.

The Clock Keeps Ticking

Don’t worry if you and I are merely a few days, weeks, and months away before we welcome another year into our lives. Instead of worrying, perhaps, you and I should think about what we can do for now. And if we didn’t get all those goals before the end of this year, it’s not the end of the world. There’s still tomorrow. At least, we were able to attain most of the desires of our heart. And we just need to bear in mind that we need to start things rolling earlier when 2011 comes.

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