Monday, October 4, 2010


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In a secluded portion of my room, at my working area where I do most of my ruminations, slivers of moonlight pass through the red Venetian blinds that serve as a comforting blanket - shading me from the outside world whenever I need to do some serious work. I smile and move my hands through the light – obviously delighted by this simple and natural occurrence like a little child in awe of new things.

As I play with the moonlight’s rays that had entered my room, a thought suddenly entered my mind. And I allow myself to dwell on it more.
What am I pondering on that I find so amusing enough to let my mind run free to connect ideas and emotions, and abstract notions?

You see, I realize that there are times when people who share my love for this type of work are like scattered lines of light coming in from the blinds – separated and yet, in its quality, it is but one in substance.

The Love for Different Genres

We all share a penchant for words and how it can magically encapsulate whatever you would like to say. But, not everyone would go for a certain genre of writing. Others prefer a more technical manner of writing and find great satisfaction with this work; some would be more content to pour their hearts out on an online blog they personally created or maintain for other people.

The Difference in Perceptions

Everyone knows how the meaning of a written word or phrase may somehow be taken differently by another person. This usually finds its way in poems and songs where the words may take on a whole different picture.

The Difference is What Unites Many

But then, if you let your mind wander like mine, you would see how all these differences actually make things united in a way. It breathes a love for the written word and shortens the distance of those who share this fondness for words.


Anonymous said...

hhhhhhmmmmm....I love your genre of
you know who am i....hhhhmmmmm...

NCF said...

nice one...
you are a clear picture of untainted soul who only dreams of nothing but serenity and unity in a chaotic world.. God bless Sittie...keep it up :)

SittieCates said...

lol! Yeah, I think I know who you are, anonymous. ;-) Thanks for the visit.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment, NCF. I appreciate it. God bless! ;-)

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