Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Are there moments when you find yourself in a pensive mood, and wish you would like to change something in your life?

Take a look at this list and think about it. Basically, these are, normally, the top three things that most people would want to change.
1. Your present physique (You're underweight or overweight and would like to be more attractive.)
2. Your job or your financial situation (It's a dead-end career and you're just living from paycheck to paycheck!)
3. Your bad habits and negative characteristics that aren't helping you move forward in life (Smoking, drinking, eating lots of lots of food, procrastination, and other types of negative attitudes.)

The list may be a little longer. But, it's all the same and you know that you need to change things.

Well, I saw a wonderful video by Ben if you're looking for answers and inspiration. I just watched it, and it truly was an inspiring video to treasure and share with others.

This video really talks to you. It makes you think of what you have been doing in your life, and why you choose to stay at a particular situation that is not making you happy and fulfilled.

I guess, you'll have to excuse me for awhile. I need to ponder on the thoughts running in my head, and contemplate on how I'm going to get a strong grip in life, too, just like Ben, and make the necessary (and supremely fulfilling!) changes.

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