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Just like me and everyone else, there would come a time when you would find yourself contemplating on the way to reach your goals.  What road should you take?

Let's review things.

People start out in life with countless desires of the heart. If you would look back at your childhood days, you'd probably remember that once upon a time you had a lot of dreams.

Being a child, these dreams seemed attainable because in your mind you were so invincible then and life seemed so easy.

If you were like me before, the word impossible may not have been in your vocabulary. You probably knew - or may have plotted out - the easiest way to attain those dreams even if it may not be the best way for others. No adult intervention can ever put you down and discourage you or make you doubt your abilities. You just KNEW you would get it. You won't stop trying until you discover the way to reach your goals.

That's how most kids are.

But look at you now. You're an adult. A serious - sometimes, wacky - character. You're around... Let's see... Twenty, Twenty five, Thirty, Thirty three, thirty eight, forty or more? Give yourself a pat on the back for surviving all those years.

But what about your dreams? Have you attained most of them?

Engage in a Little Self-Contemplation

Be honest. What have you done for yourself or your family and loved ones through the years?

Can you honestly tell yourself you are truly living? Are you living the life you wished for when you were younger? Or are you merely going through life like a half-dead person pretending to be satisfied with your current situation?

Are you afraid to take calculated risks in order to help you get back on track? Are you hoping that there would still be plenty of time in your life to do the things you really wanted to do? Or are you holding on to something and wishing that it would turn out to be a different story that would work to your advantage?

Understand that it's Entirely OK to Make a Mistake.

People make mistakes. That's inevitable.

But if you make the same mistakes over and over again, you should sit back and question your habit of doing so.

Those mistakes should turn into strengths that would spur you on to greater heights; not pull you down a slimy, grimy pit of problems.
Tell Yourself it's Never too Late to Reach those Dreams

So you think you've faded through the years? Have you convinced yourself that your situation cannot be changed and your dreams should be put on hold forever?

Stop those thoughts before they destroy you.

Have you forgotten the beauty of embracing change? Me? I did, at some point in my life.

Regardless of your present age, there's a child in you waiting to come out and tell you life is actually easy. It's only how we choose to react to things that make it complicated.

So go ahead. Find that child within. Reacquaint yourself with your invincibility. Be reminded that the word "impossible" should not be in your vocabulary.

These are the things I tell myself every single day in order to regain my strength and remember my purpose, my goals.

With that in mind, I guess you and I should think about those dreams that were on hold that we are now ready to pursue. It may look difficult to attain; the possible struggles that may come may even seem insurmountable. But it doesn't mean that you and I can't accomplish things.

So take that first step today as I did. Little steps or big steps - it doesn't matter. What's important is that you decided to move towards your dreams. 

Take another step tomorrow. 

And so on and so forth as you learn the way to reach your goals. 

Hopefully, in the end, you would realize that it wasn't really that hard after all just as you had thought how simple it would be when you were younger.

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