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Are you having a hard time to make ends meet? For me, the financial struggles seem to come up now and then. I've had times when it bleeds me dry, and times when I just have enough to last til the next payday. Through these moments, there are three tips that help me keep my eye on the doughnut and not on the hole. Thankfully, those troublesome times have sort of dwindled. But, all the same, I still hold these three tips to my heart.

First: Don't Opt for Loose Change

Bear this in mind: Even if you're really struggling with finances, never ever seek help from people who might ask for something more in return. You see, in your weak state, there are some people who would happily take advantage of that. Don't let them get the upper hand. They only pretend to be willing to help. But, in all actuality, they want something else. They're the wolves in sheep's clothing.

What's the price to pay? YOU... your spirit, your mind, your youth or your body.

It's better to stay as far away as possible from these types of characters.

Second: There are Many Avenues for Seeking Solutions

There is no single answer. And that's a good thing because that means that there are countless of possible solutions to financial predicaments.

One size may not fit all in this department. But there's a particular size that is definitely meant just for you. So do yourself a big favor. Don't think that it's the end of the world because you're experiencing this quandary. Go find a perfect fit to solve your problems.

Third: This, too, Will Soon Pass

Hold on to the notion that this difficult phase in your life may be a temporary thing - PROVIDED that you do something about it.

Seek help from family and friends, get a job, put up a garage sale - just do something! And you'll see that your ill-fated situation will slowly change. Don't expect things to change overnight, though. Speed is not a good option here. That may only make you more depressed. Opt for a day-by-day manner of fixing things. Slow but sure. That's the way to go. And you can look forward to better days yet to come.

These three short and sensible tips kept me sane through times of drought, and helped me look forward to those many brighter tomorrows.

What about you? How do you work towards getting yourself out from that unfavorable financial situation? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'll see you next post! ;-)

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