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My #IWSG Post, Remembering #AtoZ and a #Book Teaser

Caution: This post is long. So proceed at your own risk. :-) Oh, in a bit, I’ll tell you why I’ve published a long post today. But, first, let’s talk about other things. Based on the title for this post, let's start off with the last one going to the first.


I’d like to share this with you. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this, but I’d appreciate it if you would have time to check it out. It’s really short and—as I often love to do with most of my book trailers—I’ve composed the music that you’ll hear in this clip. This teaser’s for my first novel. I’ll upload a full book trailer soon. The book’s supposed to be out any time this year, but I’ll inform you if there would be any changes.

 If the clip above doesn’t work, you may view the teaser on YouTube at this link:

Remembering A to Z

I’m afraid that I wasn’t able to post something last May 5 as I’ve informed Arlee Bird. If you’ve visited this Musings blog of mine on that day, and only found the last post for the A to Z Challenge, my apologies. I really wanted to join the others who would talk about the A to Z Challenge last May 5, but there was an emergency that day that I had to attend to. So, even if it’s a bit late, I’m adding something about my experiences for the challenge as part of this post today.

So, what am I going to share?

Well, the A to Z Challenge has opened doors for me, and showed me a bigger part of the blogging world of bits and bytes, and gigabytes. I was able to visit some of the blogs of the IWSG folks whom I’ve met, and I also discovered new blogs. With what limited time I often have when I’m at the Internet Café a few distance away from my home, I quickly scanned their posts and happily digested their words like candy – making my time at the net café really worthwhile.

Some posts put a smile to my lips or a pinch in my heart as I felt the blogger’s pain or joy. Other posts made me laugh so hard that I momentarily forgot that there were strangers sitting beside me at the Internet Café, who were, at that time, shooting daggers at me (with that kind of stare that stick to you like glue and make you feel uneasy), obviously disgruntled by my sudden squeal of joy. :-)  I also found other posts that were so informative—sharing things I wasn’t even aware of. It was like taking a serendipity bloghop and being gifted with veritable and pertinent information that the blogger has unselfishly shared. It was a lovely experience!

I really enjoyed visiting and meeting new people from all over the globe, who manage to stay connected—thanks to the invisible waves and electrical, pulsing rhythm of the Internet. I wasn’t able to visit everyone in the list, though. And, I have to admit, there were days when the Internet Café nearby (the only one I can trust because I don’t get worms or viruses whenever I use my USB at any of their computers unlike other Internet Cafés) was closed, and I wasn’t able to visit old and new blogger friends. But during those days when I was able to visit their blogs and read their posts, I must say that the experience has been a memorable one. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I joined it. I really loved it!


While I was thinking of a topic to write for my IWSG post awhile ago, it occurred to me that some insecurities are born from a lack of knowledge of what one should do online when you have a blog. Things like how to get more visitors, meet new friends and share experiences because, I guess you’d agree with me, that there are—if we are to base it on the characters we create for a book—protagonists and antagonists, too, on the online world. In other words, there are safe grounds and not-so-safe grounds for you to play in. So, in effect, you may choose to be a bystander because you really do not know what to do. That has somehow nagged at me and plagued me, and made me feel alone.

Yes, I’m aware that the Internet carries a lot of information on what to do with your blog, how to get more visits and meet new people. These are often imparted to the online public in a Step-by-Step procedure.

But, sadly, I’ve noticed that the “knowledge” wouldn’t amount to anything if you don’t do it, share in it, and experience it. In other words, if you won’t “willingly jump” into its cool, comforting ripples of information, that sea of knowledge is worthless. 

It's groups like the Insecure Writer's Support Group and many others that make me feel “connected”. They had shown me where the good and safe spots are. And, I realized that in order to keep that “connection”, I also have to have the loving impulse to give that back. Not only back to its source (the blogger who has taken the time to visit your blog), but also to others whose blogs need a virtual *HUG* and an Internet smiley face to make them feel that they’re not alone.

Well, these are my musings for today. I’ll see you in a month, first Wednesday of the month for IWSG. Why in a month? Well, I’m adding some details for my workbook, doing outlines for a new story. I’ve recently submitted five manuscripts; four of them were sent to four different publishers and the other one was sent to a contest. It’ll be a few months before I receive any word about those manuscripts. But I’m focusing on a new story idea now so I don’t mind the long wait. :-) This is why I’ve written a long post for you to ponder on.

Oh, by the way, the hosts and other members of IWSG are HERE.

So, I’ll see you next post--next month. But, before I go, could you do one itty bitty favor for me? Could you answer any of these Qs below? Thanks! Sending you virtual *HUGS*! :-)

My Qs for you:

* What do you think of the teaser? Do you like book teasers? Which one's your favorite? Do share.
* Have you experienced that type of insecurity I’ve mentioned? What did you do?
* Did you join April’s A to Z Challenge, too? Are you going to join that again next year?


Melissa said...

Long post? No problem. I've mastered the art of reading on the diagonal. LOL (Kidding.)

I don't do AtoZ (I hide under my desk for the month of April) but I love IWSG. They're definitely a welcoming bunch. :)

Great post!
IWSG #224 until Alex culls the list again.

Rachna Chhabria said...

I liked the book trailer. This was my first A-Z Challenge. I enjoyed it.

Elizabeth Hein said...

I did do the A to Z Challenge this year. I think this was the third time I did it. It may be the last time I do it; we'll have to see where I am with my blogs next spring. I like meeting so many new people but it is exhausting. I think I made some lasting connections. I hope I can maintain them beyond the month of April.

Hart Johnson said...

I like your trailer and am impressed that you did the music, too! As to blogging and being 'out there' I have ONE solid piece of advice. Be yourself. Anything else is unsustainable. The 'how to grow' is ALWAYS changing--what worked 4 years ago when I started is the wrong prescription now, though a few things will always be true--go out and comment on blogs you find interesting. Do it enough the blogger remembers, and they will make it a two-way street. Events are great, but nothing works as well as regular interaction.

Karen Walker said...

Here from ISWG - thanks for the visit and follow. Followed you right back, LOL.

E.E. Giorgi said...

The teaser is great does a good job at building up tension and intrigue. I do have a couple of recommendations: can you make the writing bolder, maybe add a glow or shadow so that it stands out better from the background images? Also, I would add the name of your main character so that your viewer relates to the person and is more immersed into the story and we're left with a more emotional cliffhanger at the last frame: which one will she choose is not just anyone but it's her, mary, or whatever is her name, it brings it a personal level... hope what I said makes sense :-)

Diane Burton said...

Congrats for completing the A to Z Challenge. You have my admiration. What a project.

Holli Moncrieff said...

Going for question #3. :) I also did the A to Z Challenge, and found it to be…quite challenging. I don't have the time to pre-write or plan my blog posts, so in most cases I was deciding what to write each day and writing every night.

By the end of the challenge, I was exhausted and a bit fed up with blogging. But I loved all the interesting people I met and the new blogs I discovered. That made it all worthwhile!

Lisa said...

Great job on the trailer! You're brave to do it on your own. I haven't gotten that far yet. Especially when it comes to the music. I think we all have those insecurities and deal with them as best we can. You sound very busy and that should help keep those negative thoughts at bay! Happy blogging today! #IWSG

Donna B. McNicol said...

Quick comment on a not-so-long post. First, your post was way shorter than many of the A-Z posts I tried to read. I ended up not reading as many as I would have liked for that reason.

We all have limited hours in a day and sometimes it's hard to stretch them (see my IWSG post...giggle).

I'm struggling with what to blog first year it was geared to other writers. My second year was geared more towards my books and a little towards writers.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to get more readers so this year it may take a more personal bent. Time will tell...

ReflectionsbyCindy said...

I didn't participate in the A-Z posting, but I do relate to the same insecurities.
I always struggled with what to post on the blog, and it always ends up taking a lot of time to write something good.
Congrats on making the trailer.

Angeline Trevena said...

I started blogging several years ago in the belief that if I wrote it, people would just come and read it. For over a year I blogged with just 1 follower. Seriously. Then I discovered bloghops and really haven't looked back since. It can be a very steep learning curve with lots of people unwilling to help out the 'newbie'. Thank goodness for things like IWSG!

Mary Aalgaard said...

I like your teaser. Great background music, and I like the ending with the feet and a door closing. The internet and all the info can overwhelm. It's good to step back now and then and be real.
Play off the Page

Crystal Collier said...

Yay for the writing community! When I was younger, I never thought I'd be adept enough to write for adults. As the years have gone by and I've practiced my art, I would be confident to breach that gap now, but it took a great deal of study and work to reach that point.

Yay for the A to Z Challenge! It was such an amazing one, wasn't it? I had a blast and I'm so sorry for your internet difficulties.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You are a manuscript submitting maniac! Go, go, go.
I want the IWSG to be a safe place for writers and bloggers to share and connect. And I will work hard to keep it safe.

Lynda R Young said...

The IWSG is definitely a place where we can find connection, but it is about being involved.

Good luck with all your submissions.

Julie Musil said...

I absolutely adore the IWSG. It's nice to share insecurities with other writers who "get it."

Dean K Miller said...

A-Z first timer. Made it and glad I did, learned a lot and met great people!

IWSG is the most universal awesomeness around!

SittieCates said...

===Melissa: Hi there! Great to know that. I should try that art of reading on the diagonal, too. :-)

===Rachna: Thanks! It was my first time to join that, too.

===Elizabeth: I agree that it is a bit exhausting, but it is also a lot of fun. :-)

===Hart: Great advice. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, Hart!

===Karen: Gotcha on that. Thanks for following back. :-)

===E.E. Giogi: Cool suggestions! Will see if I could work those in. Thank you so much!

===Diane Burton: Thanks! I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it, but I'm glad I did.

===Holli Moncrieff: I agree. That's why I'm taking a break from blogging for awhile and focusing on writing and submitting. Hope to see you next month!

===Lisa: Thanks!

===Donna B. McNicol: Limited time, yes. Had to read most of the posts I visited during the Challenge as quickly as I could.

Sure! Will check it out. :-)

===ReflectionsbyCindy: Nice to know we share the same insecurities. It feels great knowing one's not alone.

And thanks for the comment on my teaser!

===Angeline Trevena: I went through the same learning pains as you did and I was wondering what I was doing wrong. It's really great that IWSG and other good groups are there for us.

===Mary Aalgaard: Thanks, Mary! Yup, I'm taking a rest from blogging for awhile. Be back next month. See you then!

===Crystal Collier: Indeed! Yay for the writing community!

===Alex J. Cavanaugh: LOL! Thanks! I needed that push, Alex. And thank you so much for the IWSG! Kudos to you!

===Lynda R Young: Being involved is truly the watchword. Thanks, Lynda!

===Julie Musil: Right on the dot, Julie!

===Dean K Miller: Me, too! A-Z first timer as well! Congrats to you!

Yup, you got that right. :-)

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