Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#AtoZChallenge Post: Z for Zelsa Zero (Worthless) by Andre Morgan and Jennifer Smith

This delightful book is an OK read for the youngest members of the family. When I read it, I’ve noticed that it provided a double purpose: (One) to help kids learn the numbers and (two) to include a lesson on values.

Have you read books that have provided you with more than one lesson? If you haven’t read one, what lesson/s would you want to see written in books for the very young audience?

Oh, wow! Yay for Z! I made it! That was really fun. :-)

Thank you to everyone who provided this wonderful and exciting A to Z Challenge to bloggers/writers like me, and to those who visited and left comments. You guys are awesome! Oh, I do hope you’d leave a comment for this last post for the Challenge. Thanks! Sending you all virtual *HUGS*!

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Rachna Chhabria said...

Zelsa Zero looks like a picture book. I love the cover.

Crystal Collier said...

Cute! I love books that have double meanings, or that tell a story that communicates a much deeper principal, but can also just be read as a story. One of my favorites is The Giving Tree.

Michelle Wallace said...

I love the bright, multi-coloured images...

You did it!
Congratulations on reaching the finishing line of the A to Z challenge, Sittie!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I don't have kids, so would have to think about what lessons I'd want to see in their books.
Congratulations on completing the Challenge!

Cecilia said...

well done for completing the challenge. I don't like children's books which are too preachy so if the lesson is obvious without being fun then I probably wont read it to children. I picked up one recently which was supposed to be 'zen' and it made me gag with the pomposity of it. I asked myself one why it was even in print and two why the heck the author did not research their subject and three how an editor was conned by it? Subtle lessons are so much more effective. :) Happy writing

SittieCates said...

---Rachna: Yes, it's a cute book.

---Crystal: The Giving Tree, taking note of that. Thanks, Crystal!

---Michelle: Thanks! And thanks for all the support, Michelle!

---Alex: It's fun to find books that you'd treasure and, hopefully, when you have kids, you'd find the right one.

Thanks, by the way! I loved the Challenge!

---Cecilia: Thanks! And thanks for the visit!

I've read some books like those you mentioned, but I think, at that time it was chosen, it seemed good.

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