Tuesday, April 8, 2014

#AtoZChallenge Post: G for Girl with Flying Weapons by Aya Ling

This is the first book by Aya Ling that I’ve read. I enjoyed reading this one. The character’s physical prowess is impressive. 

Have you read books with girls, who know how to use weapons, as the lead characters? Care to share the titles? 

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Crystal Collier said...

I'm trying to think of any, but the only one that comes to mind is the Throne of Glass series, because she's an assassin. I know I've read others, but it's been long enough they're not popping into my mind. I'm off to check out Girl with Flying Weapons.

Chrys Fey said...

The title of this book reminds me of the movie The House of Flying Daggers. Which is an amazing movie! Here is another book to add to my TBR list. ;)

Silvia Villalobos said...

Always good to read about a character with physical powers, especially a young girl. She sounds cool.
Silvia @

Michelle Wallace said...

It sounds very interesting!

Susan Kane said...

There are the obvious ones, of course. I'll always love C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.

Carolyn Brown said...

A story with a strong female character is always a pleasure to read. Thanks for the visit and I hope you are enjoying A-Z.

SittieCates said...

===Crystal: Throne of Glass series? Sounds good. Thanks!

===Chrys: Haven't watched that yet. Taking note of it and will search for it. Thank you, Chrys!

===Silvia: I often see some 'girl power' in movies so this one was interesting.

===Michelle: It is. :-)

===Susan: Oh, yes! Narnia! I love that one.

===Carolyn: You got that right, Carolyn. You're welcome. And, yes, I'm enjoying A-Z. Thanks for visiting, too.

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