Monday, April 7, 2014

#AtoZChallenge Post: F for Feng Shui 2014 by Pierre Mak

Early this year, I’ve noticed some people were reading books on how to bring in luck and happiness to their lives. So, I wasn’t surprised when I saw this one.

Do you read Feng Shui books? What’s your take on it?

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Carolyn Brown said...

Good choice for the letter "F" balance in our lives with the environment around us, certainly makes a difference.

SittieCates said...

Thanks, Carolyn! Yes, it definitely makes a difference. Thanks for the visit! :-)

Erica Gore said...

I find Feng Shui really interesting. The idea that balancing our living space will help bring balance to our lives intrigues me.

Huntress said...

I knew I was missing something! Thanks for the idea of Feng Shui.

David P. King said...

I have yet to read a Feng Shui book, but there's something about the principle that actually makes sense. :)

Chrys Fey said...

I read one Feng Shui book a long time ago. I don't remember what the title was, unfortunately. It wasn't easy to understand though (at least how the author tried to explain the art of Feng Shui), so I might check this one out. :)

Charity Bradford said...

My hubby and I joke about Feng Shui. We've never read a book about it, but we will move furniture around until it "feels right." Some things definitely belong in specific places.

Carrie-Anne said...

I think there's some true in Feng Shui, even though it was slaughtered and mocked by Penn and Teller. I'm sure there are some charlatans involved in it, but it annoys me when people seem to be skeptical just for the sake of skepticism, and don't even try to give credence to things they don't understand.

Silvia Villalobos said...

There is something to be said for having that special corner or place in our home where we find peace and balance, and if Feng Shui helps with that, I'm all for it. Thank you.
Silvia @

Crystal Collier said...

This is where I admit my ignorance. I didn't know this was a growing trend, but I can see where it would be. People are seeking harmony in an increasingly crazy world.

Anonymous said...

I've heard of this and want to try it, but considering the space I have I don't know how feasible it is to move things around.

SittieCates said...

===Erica Gore: You got that right, Erica. Thanks for sharing your views.

===Huntress: No prob. Thanks for the visit!

===David: Agree. My niece is totally into this. She was the one who convinced me to check out Feng Shui books.

===Chrys: Oh, I was going to ask you what the title was. If you remember, hope you visit and tell me about it. Thanks,


===Charity: I see. Whatever works for you, Charity. Thanks for dropping by.

===Carrie-Anne: Good point, Carrie.

===Silvia: You're welcome. And, yes, Feng Shui tips are helpful in the placement of things in our houses.

===Crystal: No prob, Crystal. I was only introduced to this one, too, so you may say that I'm still trying to learn things with regards to this one.

===Medeia: I came across a site once that dealt Feng Shui in people who live in small spaces. If I remember the site, I'll drop by and tell you about it.

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