Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's All Relative

Can you feel it in the air? Can you see it in the distance? 2014 awaits. It sits there, seemingly unperturbed, but anxious to start its existence and perhaps itching to observe the inner workings of our soul and what we have planned for its 12-month's stay. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the crowd, and our frantic attempts at clutching at the loose threads of 2013 to meet last minute deadlines and goals, it merely sits there, amused and content like a little child seeing his mom's smiling face in the morning and knowing he is loved.

Am I beside myself with excitement? You bet! Am I filled with regret that I'm saying adieu to 2013? Let's review things. Let's take the last month.

What has the last month of 2013 brought me? Yes, I know we still have a few days left to rejoice in the company of 2013. But allow me to acknowledge the blessings I've received from the first day of December up to this day (as I write this post).

Health - My pains have subsided. I'm aware that this won't be completely gone. In fact, it acts up from time to time. But, for a number of days now, it has subsided a bit. I am truly thankful for the seconds, minutes and hours that I am pain-free.

Family - Just like other families, we've had our ups and downs. But we've also had a number of lovely family get-togethers. Not everyone could be here, though, since some of my siblings (and their families) are residing at other parts of the globe.

My daughter and I had our mother-and-daughter date, too. It's been awhile since we did that. We never missed doing that when she was just a toddler, but obligations and health concerns have put a temporary stop to it. It was nice that we were able to enjoy that again.

Friends and Acquaintances - I started out with having a few friends online. The number of people that I've met on the Internet has dramatically increased since the past few weeks -- thanks to the warm and supportive indie publishing family and traditional writing community. Which reminds me... Recently, I've been featured at the website of Editor and Author Shelagh Watkins. Once again, thank you so much, Shelagh! You may read her interview of me here at Literature and Fiction.

I'm also thankful that my close friends since high school and my blogger friends -- though often busy nowadays -- still keep in touch. They're still there. They say hello from time to time whenever they're not juggling too many obligations at home or at work.

Photo Credit: Celestine Chua at Flickr

My Writing Life - I've had my share of successful moments and also times when I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. 

By the way, my inexpensive book bundle promo for kids at Flipreads and my book bundle party are still up. I'm so thrilled to have that! Thanks to those who've helped kept the virtual party alive even if I'm not there (most especially to Susan Ranscht). The first weeks were truly delightful! Thanks to everyone who joined! However, I may not be able to monitor that by January. I won't be home most of the time. Actually, these past few days, I'm not often online. Some of my facebook friends have noticed that.

You see, aside from spending time with family and friends this holiday season, I'm also busy with some things (will let you know soon). That's why I was thinking of closing that. If you're planning on joining my party, thanks! But please know I may have to put an end to it soon. But do be aware that Flipreads would still run the budget-friendly book bundle promo (where you'll get two picture ebooks of mine) until January 31. (The books are also sold individually at Amazon, Smashwords and other retailers together with my inspirational and autobiographical nonfiction ebook, 13th Breath: A Collection of Poetry and Prose.)

Oh, I almost forgot. I've created a short audio-video clip of one of the picture ebooks included in the bundle at Flipreads. Here it is! Not sure why it's showing the "Music Composer" when it should be showing the first still or non-moving page. lol! Oh well... :-)

If you want to watch this on YouTube, click this link below.

Speaking of videos, I've just uploaded the teaser trailer of my first novel, Bookworm. Wanna take a peek? Click below. :-)

Same message here. If you want to watch this one on YouTube, click the link below.
 YouTube link of Ebook Teaser Trailer: "Bookworm"

As you can see, I've had various experiences: moments when I'm gifted with a blissful sense of triumph or brought down to the ground by days of defeat, illness or confusion. In the end, I'd have to weigh those things and see it as I choose. Catch my drift? You see, no matter how you and I look at a particular event, a person, a gift, a situation, a book, a stranger, it's all just "an experience". It's all relative. It's how we process things in our mind and how we choose to face things that matters most. These are my musings for today. I'll see you next post. :-) And I also hope to see you step through the wide-open doors of 2014 with me. Happy New Year, everyone! Best of luck to all! :-)

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Sue Starlight said...

I love your image of the wide open door to 2014. I'll be going through right alongside you! I think your contemplation of ending the Book Bundle Party earlier than you had originally planned shows a healthy ability to balance your life. It's a huge commitment to undertake such a time-consuming thing, and you already have at least four other pages to write and post for, as well as your books, and your job, and your daughter. I know you'll still remind your followers of the Book bundle, but if you send everyone home a little early, it should cut out some stress. (Of course, you'll have to send the Men in Black back to the Agency, but maybe you can take George home with you!)

I am deeply touched by your mention, but I would love you just the same if you hadn't said anything. You already shared your thanks. We are a community of writers supporting writers, right? ♥

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