Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Writing for Kids

ImaVee's illustration for my upcoming book, Sleepyhead? NOT!

Most people may think that it’s so easy to write for kids that they quickly try their hand on that, not realizing that they are actually trying to enter a rather complex field.

Writing for kids is enjoyable, but it’s not that easy. Believe me.

I’ve been writing for years. Mostly, news and features. In print. I’ve also done some online work.

But when I first tried to write a short story for children, it took months before I finished one. That first piece went through a lot of edits before I braved the market and sent it to a local magazine.

The publishing firm, where I was employed at, didn’t have any magazine that caters to children. So, I sent it to another local magazine. It was, more or less, a challenge for me, because I really struggled when I wrote that.

Thankfully, the editors of that magazine decided to publish that one. And they gladly welcomed another piece that I wrote for them for their next issue.

Those stories helped me a lot. It showed me that I can reach out to kids. That I can write something that they would like. That I can create a special piece that wouldn’t sound like a sermon to them. That I can use the simplest of words, presented in a way that would be really engaging and exciting for them.

Even though I was able to use those things, I understand that with each piece, it would be different. Each story would reach out to a particular age group, perhaps, different from the piece that you’ve already finished. Each story would have to give something unique.

That is where I struggle. I still do, you know, even if one of my stories would be available online soon as an eBook.

For me, it’s a good struggle, especially when you see that a child will like what you’ve created when you’re done with all the hard work.

So, don’t think it’s so easy and simple to write for kids. It’s not. But, do take note that the struggle is truly worth it. Believe me. ;-)

I’ll see you next post. 

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