Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healing Myself

Last week something happened to my health that has something to do with what I was diagnosed with earlier this year. I do not want to go into details regarding my sickness. Maybe some other time because I'd like to focus more on having the best of health again. If you were in my situation, you'd probably want to do that, too. Anyway, it's easier and more beneficial to dwell on the good rather on the bad.

Today, I feel better, but I'm not totally well yet. I know I'm going to get better every single day by living a healthy lifestyle with less stress. I was a health buff before but I deviated from this path months ago because I went through some problems.

Bad move.

It hit me where I least expected it - my health, my well-being, my life.

Not anymore. I've learned my lesson.

I've been following this diet plan known as Somersizing (by Suzanne Somers) not to make myself "so mercifully model-thin" but to make myself "so blissfully well inside and out". It's not a crash diet. That only makes me weak and does not necessarily fill me with the ample nutrients I need to get well. Besides, that destroys your metabolism if you do a little research on it online or simply read the books by Suzanne Somers. (I've bought two of her books at BookSale, and have been digesting all the important info that'll help me get well). This is a lifestyle, not a short-term, quick-results diet.

Here are samples of what I eat that do not require me to count calories or worry about what's it going to do to my health.

Breakfast today? Fruits!

Grapes and bite-sized apples! Yum!

If anyone wants some, feel free to dig in. :-)

What a wonderful way to start the day, doncha think so?

And here's what I'm having for lunch.

Looks delicious, right? Want to share? :-)

By the way, the yellow underneath is scrambled egg. Lying on that bed of yellow is the sauteed buttered mushrooms with garlic and, of course, a handful of fresh lettuce romaine. 

Healthy living is filled with delicious meals - thanks to Somersizing. :-)

I'll see you next post.


Aileen A said...

I hope you get well soon sis! Keep up with the healthy lifestyle and soon, you'll be in top shape. Take care!

Lencilicious said...

Hello my dear sister. How are you doing now? That's a nice diet plan. I herd of Suzanne Somers. I usually eat fruits in the morning too. I feel more okay with that compare to eating the usual Pinoy breakfast. But sometimes, on weekends, I give myself a reward of eating rice. Especially now, my doctor tells me to include rice on my diet (i'll just PM you why).

Feel well sis okay. Don't stress yourself. Stay healthy and pretty.

SittieCates said...
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SittieCates said...

@Aileen: Hello sis! That's so sweet of you. Thanks. Take care, too.

@Lencilicious: Still waiting for that PM of yours. :-) So curious to know the reason. I'm feeling better but there's still lots to do. I've gone through hellish moments, and do not intend to go back. So, this time, I'm sticking with a healthier lifestyle.

Don't forget that PM of yours. All the best!

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