Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Bzzzzzzzzz Life: The Essentials of Life as I See it

Life Tree

I work at a publishing industry. For me, taking note of the B and Z of a busy life can make all the difference.

Yup, that's B and Z. Not A and Z. You'll see the connection if you write the word "busy" in a gibberish fashion, it would read as BZZZZZZZZ. ;-)

Anyway, kidding aside, the B and Z actually holds the ingredient of something more meaningful. Well, for me, that is.

You see, if you know how to make things work, and you’re able to lengthen your timeframe of being busy not just at the office, but also at home or elsewhere, then, you’re home free. You’re really living! Eureka!

All right, all right. So what on earth am I saying here?

Life isn’t just about being busy at work. Your life isn’t only there - contained within the four walls of your office. But, yes, you need to be busy in order for you to know what’s really worthwhile. But it’s not just about office work.

Here are some mental images to think about: Articles to edit coming in at a record speed in your inbox. Meetings to attend while you’re beating deadlines. Various publications to study so you can handle them with ease. Family gatherings. Meeting friends. Leisure moments with those you love. Dancing in the rain. Sharing an engaging or funny story with a friend. A hug. A kiss. A loving don’t-let-the-bedbugs-bite goodnight to younger members of the family.

You see, I’ve been buzzing around lately - beating deadlines on submission of articles, handling the editing and layout features of a number of publications, and going to meetings and events. It’s a whirlwind of adventure, learning and challenging situations. It’s life - in the publishing industry.

With this kind of life, I get to learn a lot of new things, face new adventures, battle new challenges, meet new people. Learning here is fast-paced since, as I’ve mentioned, you have to handle several publications with different deadlines.

Sure, it gets taxing at times. Mental abilities wane a bit. Your physical power of sustaining your own momentum to sail thru the daily activities of a work week can also suffer.

But, as I said, that’s life in the publishing industry. That’s life if you choose to be a writer, editor or publisher. Filled with challenges and bliss, this is where I earn my keep. And this is where I feel fulfilled.

But, to make me feel complete, I have to remind myself that there’s still more to embrace, which would not necessarily merely involve a busy life at work.  

Yes, you’re right that with everything coming in so quick, it’s so amusing to notice that some people would say that even your few leisure-filled moments of staring into space - lost to the world - gets tagged as your think times. Your own world created by those billions of cells within your cranial structure… er, brain… where your thoughts often drift to ideas for an article or suggestions on how to make yourself work smarter and make the most of everyday.

However, little do they know that if I do stare into space, especially during after-office hours or restful weekends at home, my thoughts do not only cater to things at work. It extends way beyond that scope. 

What I’m trying to point out is that your work week doesn’t end as soon as you punch your time card and you travel home for a much-needed rest. Your work still continue; your “being busy” goes on.


Because everyone is a living, breathing workmanship of life. And so, you work to sustain that or fill that up or further develop it.

Catch my drift?

What I mean is that your work is you - your thoughts, feelings, actions all rolled into one.

The B and Z in a busy lifestyle is, in all actuality, LIFE in its real sense of the word. You “work” because you choose to “live your life to the fullest”.

If you don’t live by life’s principles, if you don’t get out there and be involved with your life’s work, you’ll lose it.

Once again, being busy is not just handling office work. Being busy is living your life.

Now that should not be confused with someone who is “alive” and someone who is “living his or her life.” These are two different things.

So go ahead and get busy. Be inspired. Let your thoughts roam to wonderful things. Get involved. Get busy with life and you’ll see how life is truly a beautiful gift to cherish.

That’s work. That’s life.

I’ll see you next post! ;-) 


Aileen said...

Such a busy busy bee you are sis! I could picture you zooming here and there as fast as your thoughts. Next to you, I will be like a sloth...slowwwww..hahahah!

It's good that you still consider those other things like dancing in the rain...yep! That's important...the me time.

real lady said...

"Get busy with life and you’ll see how life is truly a beautiful gift to cherish."

I'll quote you on that. No matter how busy life is, there will be so many things to enjoy.


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papaleng said...

Once in a while Cates, go sip a warm cup of coffee. take care always friend.

Aileen said...

What a busy person you are these days sis! But as long as you're happy with what you do and you don't sacrifice health and family, that's fine. Remember the 5 balls you are juggling. Don't drop any because some are breakable. :-)

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