Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Thread of Life When I Was in Elementary

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Let’s do a little reminiscing for now. I’d like to talk about those days when I was in elementary.

Young as I was, everything seemed exciting and new - even though I would engage in something for countless times. There always seemed to be a new twist that would grab my attention; something that I’ve never noticed before.

It often showed me that there’s more to like about things and situations.

That’s why, no matter how often I saw or did something, I had always felt that what I was engaging in was forever new, forever thrilling, forever wonderful. ;-)

But that not only pertained to things and situations that I would find myself to be in back then. That invisible thread of delicious thrills also embraced people - those I know well, and those whom I’m not wholly acquainted with.

I was already a people watcher then. To me, everyone looked so interested and happy about life. They always had this happy smile pasted on their faces. They don’t look stressed at all. Most of them like to talk about a lot of things. It was as if they were so wonderfully involved in something, and they just couldn’t wait to share their excitement and happiness to others. That’s why I was so fascinated with these people, who were years older than me, when I was in elementary. They were so… Full of life! ;-)

Aren’t those situations wonderful?

But why just keep it during my elementary days?

Awhile ago, I was pondering on these things, and I realized that one’s childlike wonder with life and people, one’s total interest in things, one’s reasons for awe and excitement in life shouldn’t only occur during those elementary days when I was young.

I can actually pull that thread until it reaches the present time.

It’s a thread after all. My thread of life. My source of bliss, thrills and childlike wonder.

My string of life is merely rolled up and waiting for me. So, all I have to do is unroll it bit by bit as I go along.

I can even mix it with the strings of others so my life can be really colorful and beautiful. But I have to remind myself that no one can unroll it and lengthen it for me. I have to do it on my own and make sure that there are no tangles or signs of unraveling at any time.

How’s your own thread, by the way? Merely kept in the box of memories you’ve had during your elementary days? Maybe you need to visit that box soon and see what you can do about your own thread of life.

I’ll see you next post! ;-)


menopausal mama said...

Hi Hon! Just wanted to let you know that i FINALLY put my blog post thanking you and a few others for my awards. I also nominated you for the Versatile blog award! Please visit my site to grab your award badge and leave a comment there so I know you got it. Congrats!

Aileen said...

My ball of thread is a little bit tangled on some to figure out how to untie the knots heheheh...

SittieCates said...

menopausal mama: Thank you for nominating me! Yes, will be visiting your blog post. Thank you so much!

Aileen: hehehe... That's ok, sis. I also did some unraveling at some certain points. ;-)

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