Friday, April 13, 2012

A Call to an Indefinite Leave

Computer screen garden (2)

At a computer shop at the moment.

I was thinking...

If Shakespeare would come and visit me today, he might say this about my presently busted computer at home:

"Oh computer! Why art thou not working whence just a fortnight you sung beautiful verses as the keyboard's keys were gently touched?"


Just dropping by, everyone! Have a nice week.

Won't be able to log in and update this that often starting today while I'm waiting for my computer to be fixed.

I'll see you next post! ;-) Hopefully, by then, my personal computer would be in a better condition.


Christ4Thailand said...


SittieCates said...

What's that, Nes? Cries of joy? lol! Gotta go. Can't stay long. Bye! Take care, Nes! ;-)

MC said...

my ears are bleeding! Oh Shakespeare!

SittieCates said...

lol! I love Shakespeare, MC. lol! ;-)

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