Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sick with the Flu Bug :(


I knew I had something coming. I knew it when I felt my eyes and throat were becoming itchy, and I was sneezing more than I should.

The fever came next as expected. But, since I downed a multivitamin pill and a reliable herbal med immediately, the fever didn't last for many days. However, I was left with a coughing spell that kept me from having a sound sleep.

Actually, I'm still having a difficult coughing session up to now. :(  

Good thing I saw this video shared by Powered by Intuition. It's got an interesting take on healing and I just wanted to share it here for those who would greatly benefit from it. I'm hoping I would benefit from it, too, so I can say goodbye to this coughing spell and breathe with ease.

Enjoy the vid. I'll see you next post. Hopefully, I'm totally well by then. ;-)


macherie said...

get well soon babe.=)

SittieCates said...

Mach! I miss you soooooo much!

Thanks for the comment. Still not feeling well, sis. I just checked this but will be resting in a while.

How are things with you? Any new dates? lol! Oh, do tell. I would love to know what's the latest with you. Everybody misses you a whole lot! ;-) So I hope you drop by soon at the tfd-fb page. Take care, sis. Luv yah!

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