Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Bestselling Book: The Glass Slipper by Janice Lynn


The first books that I fell in love with were fairy tales. These never fail to bring me to a magical world where worries, fears, and doubts seem to be almost nonexistent.

It's just so wonderful to acknowledge that fun-loving, totally curious child within us because as adults, we usually get so serious in life, and there are times when we tend to forget to have fun. We may need to remember our childlike qualities once in a while to enjoy life more.

I believe that whatever age we would find ourselves to be in, there would always be that child within us who sees life as beautiful as it really is. And when we acknowledge that childlike quality, that's something worth celebrating, doncha think so?

Speaking of enjoying that child within, and a take on fairy tales with a modern twist, I had the pleasure of being friends with one of the prolific, award winning authors, Janice Lynn. Recently, I saw that she just published a new book online entitled, "The Glass Slipper." It's available on Amazon and it sure is fast becoming a favorite among e-book lovers.

I read the first parts and I must say that it is really a page turner. 

Great grasp of character! 

I love how the story unfolds in each page. And Janice totally made me stay up on my toes to see what happened when Cinderella and the Prince didn't actually end up with a happily-ever after when something unexpected happened to that glass slipper that was meant to seal their fate.

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