Friday, March 30, 2012

Dealing with Tasks and Facing Deadlines: Will You Still be There Tomorrow?

I was doing my usual search online and saw this piece on leadership. It was just what I needed to help complete the personalities of story characters for one of the manuscripts in my to-do list.

I am not much of a story writer. This is one of those things that I am working on to improve this year so I can learn more about the craft and make a smooth move from articles to stories. Don't get me wrong. I'll still continue writing articles. I just want to learn another genre.

Besides, it would be nice to learn something new while life is still coming in as a blessing each day. Why wait until that moment when taking in air would be such a laborious task to do? 

Life is still with me. And goals are firmly set. Sometimes I'm thinking perhaps I'm being too hard on myself - trying to live by strict deadlines to be able to accomplish more. Perhaps, I'm also being too hard on others - consistently reminding them to do things now instead of waiting for a time when all would be well, when schedules permit, when problems would be solved, or when worries would be but a distant past. 

When would ALL those solutions happen anyway? What if they don't come? What if you would merely have more problems the next day? Would you still postpone the things that you can easily do today by spending a couple of minutes for the task or would you put it off again? What if there's no more tomorrow for you to be able to accomplish these tasks? Will you be happy?

I, for one, had those days. Those days when I would put off something that I had intended to do. At the end of the day, I would feel so disappointed and more weary thinking of that task I had put off. 

Sadly, there are times when I would notice that particular attitude still creeps up on me. It's not a nice picture at all.

Sure, I had reasons. I was sick. I was busy (or so I thought I was). I had problems. I just cried a river. Etcetera. 

Reasons. Valid reasons. I thought they were perfectly all right to have since most of the people also have them and they use them whenever there was an opportunity to do so.  

But during silent moments of contemplation, those reasons make me feel uneasy. Why? Well, it's because I am aware that those reasons make me and a lot of people (who use these as excuses) waste a lot of hours in life until everyone would be caught unaware that it's their time to say adieu to the world. 

It's scary because it makes me feel I haven't really lived my life well when I give in to these excuses. 

What about you? Can you honestly say that you are living your life well? Or do you want to make excuses for that?

I'll leave you with that thought. I've got deadlines to beat today. I'll see you next post.


lassysally said...

Maybe this would be an excuse yet my life is not for me to decide. all i can do is to do the best in everyday God hath giving me. Honestly, i always regret every day that passes without giving the best of it, it's just so hard to run after the time I have wasted. huhuhuhu...

Nice reminder my friend...:) <3

SittieCates said...

It's all right, Sally. I also experience these moments, too. And it's just so hard to bring 'em back. But, at least, we can be comforted by the fact that we can learn from the past and be able to make something really beautiful now. Take care, sis.

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