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Histamine Food Intolerance is NOT a Food Allergy: So What Really Happens Within?

stomachache by Emrah Altınok
Do you know what fear is? It's like when you're alone and you suddenly get this severe pain in your tummy a few hours after eating a full meal. It's not appendicitis since the pain is not localized in one portion of your stomach, and there is no fever and vomiting. But you suspect it was something related to food intolerance or food allergy. You're just not so sure.

You want to scream for help. But all you could do is hug your belly, wince in pain, and sort of feel like a zombie as you drag your feet - moving from the kitchen towards your room. Beads of perspiration trickle down your cheeks. Even simply turning on your computer (so you could immediately ask for help from friends) felt like it was an arduous task to do. Every small action felt like such a huge effort.

That happened to me a few days ago. :(

Thankfully, my TFD (The Filipino Diaspora) friend, Sol (a.k.a Solidadah) was there online in case I needed someone to call for help.

After the most frightening and painful moments, the actual nightmare ended. Thank goodness! But there was still a nagging Q that played in my mind. I wondered why I had severe stomach pains when, typically, I know I would have a throbbing pain in one portion of my head a few hours after a meal. It's not your regular migraine attack. This one would actually last for hours or even days. And, normally, I would just wait it out... Hoping against hope that the hours will pass by faster and the pain would soon subside.

I've read in countless books before that, often, pains are related to what we put in our mouth.

And so, naturally, I knew I had to do more research on what is really going on with my body when food intolerance or food allergy strikes. Well is it really similar in nature? Hmmm...

While that Q played in my mind, thankfully, I was able to find three informative youtube videos originally uploaded by NaturallyV. These three videos thoroughly explains what everyone needs to know about food allergy and food intolerance, and shows their differences. It also particularly discusses histamine intolerance which affects every tissue in the body.

The videos are a bit lengthy but if you really really want to know more about this, feel free to check them out.

The information on the videos states that this was recorded live last March 13, 2010. In the videos, Dr. Marcus Laux, N.D. talks thoroughly about, "Food Intolerance: Revealing the Hidden Epidemic."

Note: Once again, these videos were originally uploaded on YouTube by NaturallyV.


"A food allergy can be deadly."
"A food intolerance is rarely fatal." 
~ Dr. Marcus Laux, N.D.


Histamine food intolerance can cause these symptoms: 
headaches, stomach cramps, skin itching or irritation, 
runny nose or asthma-like wheezing, 
menstrual difficulties, etc.


A focus on therapy...

I hope this info helps others who are in the same boat as me. 

Be well, everyone! I'll see you next post! ;-)

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