Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to Make Effective Decisions in Life: Rock... Paper... Scissors?

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How to make effective decisions in life? Hmmm...

Hi to everyone! Mood check today? Well, you would know I'm lying if I would tell you that everything is truly  all right today. However, don't get me wrong. I'm not really immersed in this pull-me-down-and-let-me-stay-there feeling, which would also relate to being depressive and all. I'm just in between choices; juggling the decision on whether to keep, to move on or to move away. 

Moments like this, I am itching to grab someone and say, "Help me make decisions like an adult. Let's play the rock-paper-scissors game!" lol! ;-)

Humorous as that may seem, if you noticed - well, whatever age you're in - you seem to go through that rock-paper-scissors pattern when you are hoping to learn how to make effective decisions in life.

How did I see this way of making decisions?

Well, it's not really a way of putting three choices and playing the game - trying to see what is most feasible and most objective to follow in order for it to be the best for all. Rather, for me, I see it as that normal pattern of going through the strife until you finally reached a decision.

Confused? All right. Allow me to show you. Here's my take on this:

Rock - Symbolizes: The problem at hand. 

This is when people gather all the possible solutions. It's when you do a brainstorming session. In that session, even ideas that others think are really crazy and not feasible may actually be mentioned. Anything goes, so to speak.

Paper - Symbolizes: Finding one's self; finding that which is really important.

Lots of solutions are presented during this stage in order to help solve a problem. As we all know, physically, the paper is somehow lighter than a rock. For me, this stage shows that the person who has a problem still feels weak and confused, and - more or less - fearful. Most probably, it may also be that the mentally-burdened person would nurse a host of doubts and worries. So, in effect, he or she won't make any decisions yet. Normally, that person would just choose to weigh things and allow the problem to reach its boiling point.

Scissors - Symbolizes: Crunch time; sifting through all that clutter, and finding the gems hidden underneath all that mental garbage. 

This stage, for me, is when we make those hard and painful decisions. We cut one idea and settle for another. Sadly, there are times we make mistakes when we are in this final stage of solving problems. Other times, this stage actually fortifies the solution and makes us realize that it is indeed the best decision we could ever muster. And we just go for it - without regrets.

So you see? We really go through a rock-paper-scissors pattern when we try to learn how to make effective decisions in life. And, right now, if you must know, while writing this, I have managed to reach the scissors part... lol! Thanks for listening. I'll see you next post! ;-)


purethoughts said...

brilliant insights, sittie! i think I am still in the "rock" stage in solving this important decision that we have to make as a family.. But like they always say, it's always best to take one step at a time. I'll get to the scissors part, I am sure!

SittieCates said...

Thanks for dropping by. I'm sure, too, that you'll get to the scissors part in no time at all. ;-)

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