Thursday, November 24, 2011

Love and Apples: Will There Ever be Another Apple?

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An apple. ♥

Luscious, mouthwatering, fruity, and filled with all those phytochemicals to keep one healthy.

It clearly befits the saying, "An apple an day keeps the doctor away."

So, why am I writing about it, you ask?

Well, I wasn't really thinking in terms of its shiny appearance and delicious taste.

My mind is sort of in an abstract mode right now where the other neurons in one part of my brain are jumping like crazy in delicious abandon while the larger part of my brain is trying to figure out where my thought processes are trying to lead me to.


It has multiple symbolical meanings that go beyond the centuries.

In olden times, it is believed that this luscious fruit is a religious symbol of good and bad. But that's not exactly what I thought of when I wrote the above title.

I was thinking in terms of love in all its various factors: Getting that once-in-a-lifetime chance, landing that dream job, having that beautiful dream home, and all those other desires of the heart that many writers like to write about.

A nagging question that has to be pondered by (almost) everyone should be: Am I getting the most of my bite of these apples of life's opportunities and blessings?

And what about that other overdone (in my opinion) connotation of the apple as a symbol of romantic love?  To those who hate any insipid insinuations of the term, puke if you will and throw those apples away. To those who swoon and fall head over heels, go ahead and enjoy the plunge. Take that bite. Enjoy its enticing taste. I just hope that you looked and checked for worms first before you decided to take a bite. And to those who are continuously groping for answers on its mystery, don't you think it's time to get those answers?

Sure, it's so cheesy to think of apples as a symbol of love, of romance, of a loving couple's togetherness and bliss. I'm actually trying to avoid that notion.


Don't ask. :)

All right. Here's a brief overview on things. About apples and its romantic connotation of love, perhaps, I got the wrong apple for that one. Perhaps, I got the right one, but there was a worm there that I haven't noticed before. Question is: Will there be another apple that is rightfully intended for me to have? Will it taste the same? Will it look the same? Or shall I just keep what's left from the apple that I had and cherish its lingering taste?

Hmmm... it's more confusing when I try to analyze things with apples. Silly, ain't I?

Are you catching my drift?

I know, to most, you probably may say I'm speaking in riddles right now.

I guess it's best to stick to my notion of the apple as a form of the other desires of my heart, then - like work and other life goals.

Perhaps, it is time I get some shut-eye right now lest my sentences take on a more gibberish fashion. Ugh! How terrible that would be! hahaha...

See you next post. :)

* * *

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Brewed Coffee said...

Hmmm...have not really thought of the apple as a romantic symbol. I don't know, I guess I always just look at it as a fruit and that's just about it lol!

I somehow catch your drift :-)

SittieCates said...

@Brewed Coffee: Hi there, Brewed! Well, yeah, I used to think of it, too, as just a fruit. LOL! Prior to this article, I was looking at some photos of fruits and an idea just popped in my head. Thus, the correlation with other things. :)

FX777222999 said...

In Paradise, apple is a symbolic fruit until today - eat apple a day, makes your mind and body entwined to produced A..P..P..L..E..of our lives! Cheers to apple!

SittieCates said...

Hey there, FX! Yeah, cheers! Hehe... Symbolic or realistic, any way a person would look at it, apples sure gives one a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. :) Thanks for visiting, FX.

EK Encarnacion said...

apples are often associated with love, passion, lust, seduction. I guess we have to blame whoever said it was the fruit of good and evil.. or perhaps the greeks and romans.

hi Sittie! :)

SittieCates said...

@EK Encarnacion: Hi there, Ely! Thanks for dropping by.

Yeah, that connotation of apples being the fruit of good and evil spans roughly the years of olden times when the earth was still young. Biblical - that, perhaps, started it all. And, everyone else kind of embraced that notion.

Then again, I may be wrong. :)

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