Monday, June 6, 2011

Problems of a Writer: Contemplating on the Problems of Life and Getting Ideas

Some of the problems of a writer may not have a fundamental structure that would be completely diverse with the predicaments of another person holding a different profession: That is the absence of ideas; ideas that would help us move towards the goals we set.

Most of the time, these infuriating quandaries are similar in nature; these things make one weak, muddleheaded, awkward, fumbling for answers on what to do next.

After a bout of the flu, I thought I would be able to write something longer to share with you. But recently, I've been experiencing a deep funk with life, writing, and a host of other circumstances.

I have to admit dark thoughts entered my mind; and it seemed kinda difficult to shake off.

A short chat with a good friend of mine allowed me to back off once again in order to see things in a different light. And surfing the net brought me the blessing of finding a good video which, also helped me immensely because it allowed the ideas to flow again, and encouraged me to ensnare them on the computer screen or on my writer's notebook.

Here is that video:


papaleng said...

I almost shed some tears, the video's content reminded me of my late father's wisdom. He always taught me to rate or grade something not on the raw features but put your judgment on the finish product. Also, he also reminded me that many find a butterfly beautiful, in the same manner, they find caterpillar devoid of beauty. But they forget that butterfly and caterpillar is just the same creature.

Yohvshva1 said...

Life is a battle. We merely need to go to the winner's side simply by passing thru the four seasons of life.

SittieCates said...

@papaleng: I understand the feeling of getting almost tearful. That's what I felt when I saw that video. And I realized that sometimes, we get caught up in just one season - never knowing that there are still other seasons that we have to go through in order to see the beauty and completeness of everything.

@Yohvshva1: I agree. Totally. And thanks for the earlier enlightening conversation which, interestingly, carried the message of the video even without our prior knowledge.

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