Thursday, September 2, 2010


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I hope you're having a grand time, instead of having a sense of depression, now that the whole archipelago seems to be attracting that monsoon whatchamacallit rainfall that appears like a sudden typhoon ravaging the land, flooding the streets, and destroying those weakly-made umbrellas even though PAGASA still say that we do not have a storm signal number yet. (Ah, PAGASA, don't you just make life fun and easy for all of us - especially, for those who commute?)

Don't get me wrong. I'm actually enjoying the sudden rainfall. Because not only do I get to see the rain lovingly water the plants and trees, but I also get to participate in its process - by getting soaked to the bone.

Yup, I got drenched from the heavy downpour for three times - that I was afraid I might wake up one day to find a bunch of flowers growing out of my ears because of all the watering I got.

First was when I was homeward bound riding on a motorcycle. Second was the other day as I was walking home from my brother's house. Third was yesterday morning while I was trying to fix something outside my mom's home. For these three instances, I was totally unaware that I would suddenly get caught in a crazy whiplash of strong winds and hard-hitting, crystal-like raindrops.

Talk about surprises.

Now, if I choose to view things as a pessimist, and overgeneralize matters, I would say that I'm in for a lot of bad luck. But that would somehow blow things out of proportion and start a trail of furtive thoughts that would merely influence a more dismal inner weather in the deep recesses of my writer's mind.

I ruminated on this more. And realized that sad love songs and most of the stories about depression or problems revolve around - or get influenced by - the weather outside. The weather triggers long buried hurts or blows up a present melancholic mood. It's like saying, 'Since we're experiencing bad weather, I should feel bad, too.'

But that's just making things worse.

Besides, why should you and I choose to have blighted hopes and a nagging depressive state when all of nature is actually rejoicing on this wet and wild month of September?

Know that You Can Take Charge of Things Again.

Do you remember when you get a fever, doctors would say that it's your body's way of fighting the sickness? Think of that the next time you feel sinking into a depressive state. Your strength is merely hiding and lying dormant while your mental state tries to cope with the depression.

It's all right to feel hopeless and depressed at times as long as you realize that you may have to take action soon in order to feel you're in charge of things again. Don't add up to your already-weak state by choosing to prolong your agony. You won't like it, anyway. And it won't help you.

Focus More on What Matters.

Sure, it's easy to get influenced by inner saboteurs and the current state of the weather. But is life supposed to be narrowed down to such trivialities? There's still more to life that you and I should take notice about.

As a writer, I see life as a rich material waiting to be written and shared with others. As a person, I know life has its own twists and turns for each individual I meet. Life brings us those we love. It teaches us lessons we need to learn. It gives us joy, sunshine, laughter, hugs and kisses, pleasant mornings, and cool moonlit nights. It makes us ponder on what else we need to do to get our goals.

So please. Don't just dwell on the things that you consider to be negative. Life is so much more than that.

Ah, it looks like it's going to rain again tonight. Isn't it going to be just grand?

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