Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#IWSG Post: Just Continue to Write with Your Heart and Soul

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It’s IWSG day! I wasn’t able to post last month since we rushed my sister to the hospital. She’s OK now.

Here’s my IWSG post for this month:

There are times when I glance outside my bedroom window, wishing the rain would fall and cool the surroundings. Other times, I hope that the sun will move away from the clouds, take a peek at the world below, and emit its golden rays that will brighten our part of the globe. 

Sometimes, I get what I hope for. Other times, nature gives me a different reality. But it’s all part of life, and I’m grateful for it.

Such is how I find the experience of submitting to book publishers. :-) 

Whenever I send a query and sample pages, I am aware that those samples are submitted on speculation. I know that there will be days when my work would fit the genres that the publishing house accepts. Other times, I understand that they will send me a letter of rejection. The latter may bring in the insecurities, the doldrums, and a wavering hold on hope. But—bad or good—it’s an experience I’m grateful for because, as a writer, I know all of these things are part of learning one's craft. 

So, what do I do? I continue to write with my heart and soul—no matter what.

In writing, I know that I can step into the life of the characters I write about, but I am also aware that not all story characters are me. I also understand that if I don’t continue to put in hours of work, I’ll never appreciate the learning brought about by rejection slips, and know how sweet the taste of success really is now that I’ve chosen the writing path of a hybrid author.

What about you? What’s your take on submitting to publishers, or the idea of getting accepted or rejected? Do share your musings. I’d appreciate it. Oh, and Happy IWSG Day! And Happy 3rd Year Anniversary, too! Sending everyone virtual *HUGS*!

I’ll see you next post. For the schedule, please see below.
- - - -

My manuscript that had reached 50,274 words is now about 80, 000 words! Gosh! I didn't know I could make it up to that word count before. :-) When it gets published, it would be presented as two books.

Two stories of mine (for picture books) are on their second round of submissions.

One more thing: I removed my trailer for Bookworm on YouTube. Will revise it. By the way, the publication date of that novel would be moved. More updates about this soon.

Schedule of Next Blog Post: 1st Wednesday; October 2014 


Pat Hatt said...

Congrats on nearing 80K words, We do just have to keep on trucking

Jennifer Chandler said...

Whew! 80K is a huge milestone. I've passed it a couple of times and I look back and think, "Geez, am I really that wordy?" LOL!

Best of luck in submissions and in completing your novel. I LOVE the title of this post: write with your heart and soul. You're right! When we write our passion, that's when our words shine, when our words sing. We can't worry what others think, not even the editors or agents. Our story is ours and we have to tell it the way it comes to us, no matter how quirky it seems. Hmmm, I think I just preached to myself! HA!
Cheers! Have a great September,

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Every step leads you a little bit closer.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Congrats on getting so far in your manuscript!
IWSG Co-Host

Diane Burton said...

Wow, what a milestone. 80k words. Congrats.

Elsie Amata said...

I'm happy for you. It sounds like you're really on a roll with your manuscript. Best of luck to you! Also, I'm glad you're sister is doing better.


Melissa said...

That's some serious word count!

I'm indie, so you'd just get biased advice from me (self-pub... self-pub... :P).

IWSG #179 until Alex culls the list again.

Quanie Miller said...

Congrats on reaching 80,000 words! In terms of getting a publisher, I think if you manage to get one that's great, especially if that's the path you want to take. It truly is a subjective business and sometimes an editor may not accept a manuscript for the simple reason that they just purchased a similar story. Or they think a particular trend is dead. Or they don't like stories about cats. So no matter what happens, keep writing and perfecting your craft and if you have to go indie, go indie, because at the end of the day, the important thing is that you connect with readers. And you don't need a publisher to do that.

Crystal Collier said...

Nice milestones. Every step along the way is needed, and burning through rejections another huge part of it. I love your outlook on agents/publishers whims. =)

Michelle Wallace said...

Congrats on your 80K words!
Keep on going... onwards and upwards!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You just have to keep submitting.
80,000 is great! I've only hit that once.

Jeanmarie Anaya said...

80,000 is AWESOME! You should be very, very proud!!!

Lynda R Young said...

Congrats on hitting 80k! It's a great milestone!
Keep submitting and keep writing!

Ima Vee said...

Ikaw na talaga sis! I'm congratulating you in advance. I know you're manuscripts will be accepted. :)

Empty Nest Insider said...

Nice to meet you via IWSG! 89,000 words is a huge accomplishment! Best of luck with your manuscripts!


Anonymous said...

I keep sending until a book will catch. I also keep writing, because the next project might get the yes I'm looking for. Great word count. Happy writing.

SittieCates said...

Hello, everyone! Thank you for taking the time to drop by!

@Pat Hatt: Thank you so much! :-) Yup, we all need to keep on trucking indeed.

@Jennifer Chandler: You've reached that word count a couple of times? That's awesome! It's my first time to reach that word count. Thanks for the well wishes!

Loved your comment. Thanks! Have a wonderful September, Jen!

@L. Diane Wolfe: Thank you! I needed that.

@Sheena-kay Graham: Thanks, Sheena-kay!

@Diane Burton: Thanks, Diane! Great to see you.

@Elsie Amata: Thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate it.

@Melissa: I love the indie life. I'm indie, too. Had four books self-published. Trying my hand this year in the hybrid writing life. Kinda scary, but it's exciting, too.

@Quanie Miller: I love your take on it. Keeping that in mind. Thanks!

@Crystal Collier: Yup, all these are huge parts of learning and living the life as a writer. Thanks, Crystal!

@Michelle Wallace: Thank you so much, Michelle! You're one of my idols.

@Alex J. Cavanaugh: Thanks, Alex! I will. It's my first time to hit it and I'm so elated.

@Jeanmarie Anaya: Yup, I am. Thank you!

@Lynda R Young: Thank you for the encouragement, Lynda! Yes, it is. And, yes, I'll continue submitting and writing.

@Ima Vee: Sis, so lovely to see you here. Thank you so much! I hope so, too.

@Empty Nest Insider: Hello, Julie! Nice to meet you, too, via the awesome group of Alex J. Cavanaugh. Thanks!

@Medeia Shariff: Go for it, Medeia! Happy writing!

Michelle Wallace said...

Sittie, I'm honored that you regard me as one of your idols.
I really don't know what I've done to earn such a title...but it must be something good.
Keep Writing!

SittieCates said...

@Michelle: Yup, it's something good. You know a lot of interesting words and write in an engaging manner. That's why. :-)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sittie - I'm glad your sister is better and long may that be so ..

Write - yes heart and soul .. and 80,000+ is great ... and being a hybrid author gives you choices ...

Good luck .. and thanks for your visit .. cheers Hilary

SittieCates said...

Hello, Hilary! You're welcome and thank you for the visit and leaving a nice message here. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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