Friday, June 15, 2012

Pitter Patter and Blessings of Life

Rain drops on my window 

Hi everyone!

It's such a refreshing Saturday with raindrops gloriously falling from the skies every now and then since I woke up this morning. And I feel wonderful and excited as if I'm totally in love with someone special. ;-)

Perhaps it has something to do with the change of weather since all those negative ions brought by the rain never fails to give me that pleasant feeling of bliss and contentment.

It really just makes me feel sooooo excited even though I can't put a finger on what I'm so jazzed up about. Kinda weird? Perhaps.

But this is how I feel. And I love it! ;-)

Do you also have that feeling at times when you feel so positively blissful even if you are not completely sure why you're in that happy state? Well, I do. And it often comes when it rains.

No, I'm not a totally goody two shoes. Not exactly. Not entirely. But, I have these moments when I feel sooo good and I find myself smiling like crazy and appreciating little things. And, yes, as mentioned, it often comes when it rains.

You see, just like raindrops, I know that blessings come in small packages and they can fall anywhere in our lives - making our surroundings cool, comfortable and joyous. It's like this good feeling that we have that occurs at different events of our lives. And we know that good things would just come. We don't yearn for it. We don't wish for it. We just "know." We just know that we already have it, that we are already experiencing it.

It's just like... When someone we love is sick, we just know that health and vitality is just around the corner. When someone goes out to travel, we are comforted by the notion that all will go well and he or she will arrive safely at his or her destination.  When we have goals to reach, it is this beautiful feeling within that informs us that we can do it. We just "know." No one tells us. We just "feel" it. And it comes... just like raindrops.

Sure, some of you may think that you'll get drenched and would completely detest that notion. Who wants to be caught outside in a downpour anyway? But hold on. If you stop and think about it, you may see that your manner of approaching the rainy season may also be how you approach those possible blessings in your life.

Are you always outside shielding yourself from the rain with a huge umbrella? Are you also doing that same approach with your own life?

Yes, it's all right to bring an umbrella when there's a heavy downpour. But it's also all right to reach out your hands and feel the coolness of the raindrops. And it's definitely all right to dance in the rain if you choose to. You might see that although you'll get drenched, at least you got blessed because these wonderful feelings within would just automatically let you know and see that getting rained upon may be a blessing in disguise.

So enjoy the pitter patter of the rain. And enjoy those blessings falling from the skies. And do remember that, in life, there are many raindrop-like blessings just waiting for you to reach out your hands so you could catch it, feel it, and know its essence completely.

I'll see you next post! ;-)


Aileen said...

I'm more of a sun person :-) But I have learned to smile in all kinds of weathers. That's how you survive in life. I used to hate it when I get soaked up in the rain...but I have learned to appreciate it for it is a necessary part of life.

SittieCates said...

Hi, sis Aileen! Thanks for the comment. It's great to know that you are able to smile in all types of weathers. I try to smile, too, when it's too hot but sometimes I faint from the heat. ;-) Nevertheless, I agree with you that all these things are vital ingredients in life.

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