Saturday, June 2, 2012

Of Interviews, Reading and Writing

Shadow of a Writing Hand

I’ve missed you all. And I am so happy that you’d chosen to stay tuned for new posts.

Updates? Well, I’ve been sick. My computer is still on an indefinite sabbatical and I’m getting the eerie feeling that it actually enjoys being cooped up in the computer shop. lol! ;-)

What else? Well, I’m still working on those manuscripts that I told you before. Writing and editing is not at all as easy as some people think. Thankfully, one of those manuscripts would be available online soon in ebook format.

Aside from these things, I’ve interviewed one of the most talented authors. And it was really great because I got to do one of the things that I love to do when I was still in college - to interview and get to know people more, and feature them in a write-up.

I read her book. And I highly recommend it to those who are into paranormal and romance stories, or angels and dark forces in conflict.

In line with this, I’ve come across a beautiful quote that I’d love to share with you. Here it is below:

“If you would like to be writer, first be a reader. Only through the assimilation of ideas, thoughts and philosophies can one begin to focus his own ideas, thoughts and philosophies.” ~ Allan W. Eckert

Most of us know that reading is a huge part in learning how to write. That’s why all aspirants of the writing craft should not hesitate to devour volumes and volumes of books - in the genre that they are seeking to hone their own craft

For me, I love different genres but I have a soft spot for inspirational writing, children’s stories and paranormal stories.

I like inspirational stuff because there are times when I needed a lift, especially when my emotional temperature goes haywire and needs to be tempered so that I could focus on the things that I’ve set out to do.

I adore children’s stories. They’re so magical and simply beautiful. I understand that some may think that it is so easy to write for the very young audience. But from what I had discovered, when I was writing two of my first children’s stories before (that were both published at a kid’s magazine), it is actually such a challenge to write for them because their world often keeps on changing, and authors, writers or bloggers like us just have to keep up with these things.

What’s more, the Easy-to-Reads actually take on a more controlled vocabulary and it takes a sensitive take on things and a complete understanding of their world to magically capture the words that would fit this group. Believe me. It’s really a challenging task. But it’s one where you would also find the most satisfaction especially when a child would appreciate your work and coax his or her parents to buy that book or magazine where your story has been published.

For paranormal stories, I just love the thrill in delving into the unknown and bizarre. It often fascinates me. That’s why, when I interviewed Melynda Price, author of Until Darkness Comes (Click HERE to view the interview at my other blog, SLS), I was so thrilled to meet a talented author who writes paranormal stories, twists it in a romantic take where good and evil forces come to play and battle one another. Her book is such a great read, and if you want to receive a giveaway from her, better head on to her website and join her contest for that. ;-) I’ll be interviewing her again soon so do stay tuned for that. There would be other talented people that I would be featuring, too, at my SLS (SittieCates Loves Stories) blog. 

For my own book, it’ll be available very, very soon! ;-) Did you see the first teaser for that? If not, here it is. Just CLICK HERE to be redirected to my first video teaser for my book. I would be uploading another one soon so you’d get to see more of what the book is about.

For the meantime, you may guess if it would be something inspirational, paranormal, romantic or something that kids would enjoy. I’ll leave you with that thought. ;-)

As you can see, my hands are full. And, as mentioned, my computer is still at the computer shop probably dating another busted computer and having the time of its life. lol!  It gets crazy when I don’t have my own computer with me so do excuse that notion of mine of it having a date with another computer. ;-) I just can’t understand why it’s taking a long time. L

Anyway, keep on guessing what my upcoming book would be about. I’ll see you next post! ;-)


Aileen said...

Maybe it's time to buy a new computer, laptop or tablet :-)

I am also a bookworm myself, but probably not a professional bookwork like you lol! I mostly read inspirational books these days. For borrowed books, anything goes. As long at it interests me. My colleague is into thrillers written by James Patterson. So I borrow from her hehehe.

I borrow books that I mean to read only once. But for books I love, I really have to have my own copy. :-)

Glad you're okay now...sorry for the comment that's already a blog post in length lol!

SittieCates said...


Thank you so much for visiting my blog, dearest sis. ;-)

Yeah, I think it's time to buy a new computer. But I just can't part with my old one. hehehe... Oh, you know how it goes.... ;-)

I'm not a professional bookworm. lol! That's so funny. I wonder if there is really a pro with that stuff.

Thrillers are cool, too.

No prob about the comment being like a blog post. I understand. I can relate. lol!

Do visit often, sis. Miss you!

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