Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Know if Your Job is the ONE for You: The Job That Matters Most


A question that had been asked of me lately by some of my friends is how to know if your job is the ONE for you. The first time I heard that, I couldn't help but smile.


First, it seemed the line is heavily dripping with romantic innuendos since one's profession is likened to a person you would like to be with forever. And, second, with the way things are going at the blogosphere, and also in the bustling offline corporate world, fast changes are deemed to happen everywhere you turn. That means there is a huge chance that some would move from one job to another in the speed of light.

When that happens, I guess that there are times a lot of people out there would, perhaps, have moments when they would think if they're stuck at a dead end with their chosen profession or if they are really pursuing their passion.

So that one-million-dollar question then would be: Should you stay at your current type of work or not?

For me, to answer that, there would have to be certain reasons why someone would opt for one choice and ditch the other.

The reasons?

One: I need the money.

Gone are the days that men rule the corporate world and women stay at home to take care of the household. Now, both scratch their way up to the top. Money is usually the SOLE reason that drives them to either go for their dream job or settle for a more profitable position even though it is not in line with what they really wanted to do in life.

Two: I really want to reach my dream.

Now while there are those who are money-centered when it comes to pushing hard towards one's goals, there are also those simple folks who are principled-centered people. Most of them do not really care how much money they would initially earn because they know the money would eventually follow when they pursue their heart's desire. Typically, they go against the odds and take the road less traveled. They pursue their dreams to a T regardless of what others tell them. Most of them succeed because they work at it day and night. Their intense focus is truly remarkable.

While you're thinking of the reasons that guide you, perhaps checking out various positions in helpful sites may help you decide on what to do.

One of the most trustworthy sites may be the WorkTree. I've checked the site and saw that they offer 14 free job guides upon signing up.

It's like a one-stop shop for various professions that may or may not appeal to your individual tastes. You may find a goldmine or two. But right after finding that, the next step, of course, would be up to you. Both or either of the two reasons I've mentioned above may dictate your choice. That's why it is truly imperative that you know where your inner reasons fall in the first place.

How to know if your job is the one that's truly meant for you? As I said, contemplating on what really moves you, what totally drives you, or what pushes you to move forward will help you understand that. Happy job searching! I'll see you next post. ;-)


MC said...

Nice write up, ate! As always! :)

Franklin said...

ayun... lumabas na rin... kala ko banned na ako dito... hehe...

SittieCates said...

Hi, MC! Thank you so much. ;-)

SittieCates said...

Franklin, hahahaha... di ah... bkit naman banned? Thanks for the comment, Frank. ;-)

papaleng said...

No comment..LOL. just kidding, very educational..

Marisse said...

Here's what I can share.

These are the things that I consider to qualify myself if the job is the one for me or not.

1. Program fit. I assess myself if I possess the necessary skills required for the job. This is a brutal assessment. I mean, I check every little detail. Did I miss a simple thing that should be the protocol under my job description? Did my boss willfully appreciated my efforts? etc.

2. Competitiveness with my colleagues. Am I exceeding the expectations of my colleagues?

3. Happiness and fulfillment. If I am fulfilled doing my job then most likely I got the right job.

But honestly, I haven't got the right job though I've been working for about 15 years now. Simply because, I hate being an employee. I know myself, whenever a task is handed to me I do it in a manner that no one can do better. See, it's very rigorous. I hate to be an employee.

Muttallif said...

I, when i feel that my job is not satisfying to what that i Need, i mean "challanges", i will make a new challanges to be achieve.

It a ways that always give me motivation and feeling that the Job is actually the one for me.

Nice sharing. :)

SittieCates said...

papaleng: As always, you are still as funny as ever. Thanks for the comment. ;-)

Marisse: Nice point of view. Thanks for the share.

Muttallif: That's great to know. To challenge one's self would also be a good thing to do in order to get motivated and, thus, allow you to feel that your work is truly a good fit for you. Thanks for sharing.

Rhodora Bande said...

I love what I do during the day and I love my part-time job. Two-timer ba ako? Haha. I guess, I'll stick to both of them. Great share, Sittie,

SittieCates said...


I've noticed you've checked three posts of mine and left comments for each - all in one day. Thank you so much for the time and the effort. Truly appreciate it! And it's OK that you love your day job and your part-time work. Nice to know that. Thanks again. ;-)

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