Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Handling Writer's Block, The Three Little Pigs And Shakespeare?

I Can't Think

Handling writer's block with vocabulary and literary usage.

All right. Let's focus on that.

One of the huge problems of a writer is this: Not knowing what to say next in an article, a poem, a story.

Now, while that's straight to the point, it's a little bit dry. Let's add more flavor to that sentence. Let's make that situation more descriptive in nature. Let's allow the words to come alive on the page.

Ready? Here it goes...

This is one of the problems of a writer. Here's what may happen:

Writer's block (Project365 - 10/365)
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When the heart and mind's caught in a whirlwind of stressful moments... The computer screen in front of you is devoid of your musings. Your heart pumps in a nervous fashion as you wait in agony for your inner muse to arrive. But nothing seems to happen. Beads of perspiration - prompted by your sheer exasperation to the situation - form on your forehead and trickle down your cheeks. You feel that your will to write somehow swerves on its tracks and screeches to a halt. The burning urge of waxing literary witticisms and what-nots has lost its flame of desire. There is merely a blankness of purpose.

Better, right? ;-)

Anyway, when I'm caught up in such a scenario, and words seem to elude me, I am completely aware that I need a dose of laughter and a bucket of smiles to encourage the words to once again come forth with loving abandon.

Yes, that's right! Such moments call for a dose of literary vocabulary humor.

So, if deadlines are looming and stressing you out, and you're at a loss of words, don't fret. I've got something to share with you that just might help jumpstart your creativity and heighten your love for vocabulary. ;-)

Here's a video I found online. Comedian John Branyan shows his take on what would happen if William Shakespeare authored one of our best-loved literary classics, "The Three Little Pigs."

I love the words used here. Old English is truly beautiful. It has its own special flavor and its lingering taste of richness.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you to use Old English if it wouldn't be appropriate for your piece. I'm encouraging you to build your vocabulary and not be afraid to use what you've learned. Just a reminder: Be sure you know the meaning of the word you would like to use.

Words can do so much if you use them well. Have fun learning them!

So go ahead and increase your vocabulary. Choose three to five words and work on building an article, poem or story with those words. You'll see that the words will eventually flow. Try it! That's one of the best ways in handling writer's block. And remember that while it's easy to be direct, it's more fun to be descriptive especially if you're working on a story.

I'll see you next post! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Relate na relate lang! :/

Ako ate, kapag nagba-block na yung utak ko, stop na muna ako.. KAso it takes "siyam-siyam" pa para bumalik yung thoughts ko sa pagsusulat.. Ito yung one major problem ko sa sarili ko when it comes to writing.

Natawa ako sa video... Ikaw na ate! :)

SittieCates said...

lol! Glad that natawa ka. ;-)

Stopping for awhile helps. Why don't you try getting three to five new words and build your piece from there? Try some of the words in the video. Believe me, Bunso. It works wonders!

Anonymous said...

wala na..kung may malala pa sa block nasa akin na yon...Thanks for sharing your tips.

Anonymous said...

if there's more malala than being block...Utak ko yan...
Thanks for sharing this tips...I'll try it though...

SittieCates said...

hahahaha... Thanks for that comment, sis Anonymous. hahahaha... I love it!

Anonymous said...

:) <3 dumaan lang....keep posting.

SittieCates said...

Hello there, Anonymous! I wonder who you are... It seems like I'm getting more anonymous visitors lately. lol! I do hope you would leave your name next time. Thanks for the visit. ;-)

Mhie said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog. I will read your blog and add in my blog lists, as of now I'm out of the States, and lots to do.I promise, I will read your blog soon.Please tell Sally, thank you for sharing my website.I really appreciate.Hope to see you more.

Likha said...

Hi Cates. I haven't been writing for a while and I'll certainly struggle to get the right words out again on a new article. But I could use your smart advice... give myself a good laugh. hahaha!!! Funny video.. Take care my friend and see you around. ~

SittieCates said...

Hello, Mhie.

No prob. I love that parasailing post of yours. ;-)

Yup, I already told Sally. ;-) I'm not used to calling her Sally, though. She has a different name that I know. You could ask her what it is. hehehe...

Thanks, too, for taking the time to drop by at my blog. And, thank you for adding me to your list.

Do drop by from time to time. ;-)

SittieCates said...

Hello, Likha!

So wonderful to see you here. Thank you so much.

Glad you love the funny video. ;-) Yeah, laughter usually can do wonders.

I'd love to read that new article soon once you're done writing it.

Miss you. Take care. See yah around, Likha. All the best! ;)

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