Thursday, January 12, 2012

Youtube Videos That Inspire Me

Procrastination, sloth, lack of motivation, a cluttered mind, inactivity, a dwindling sense of passion in one's work, writer's block... To a writer, all of these things spell one ugly word - STRESS. 

We go through that, we move through it, and there are times, when - by your own choice or by other's incessant prodding - we (are forced to) embrace it. Stress is such an ugly word that we would rather paint the villains in the stories with. But us? Yes, I hear you, we would rather do without it.

So what could I actually tell you to do whenever you're facing the same thing?

Watch a good video.

Now, don't look at me and say, "Duh?! Why would I even want to waste my precious time watching a video, SittieCates? Isn't that going to add to the stress that I'm already feeling?"

Ok, you've got a point. I respect that. But I've got my own views as well.

Here's mine:It's quite interesting to note what certain videos can do to your mind, your heart, and your spirit... just when you needed an inspirational or motivational thing to keep you going. In fact, if my mind is cluttered or devoid of ideas, stress is driving me crazy and I feel that fears are holding me back, I engage in the most simple of activities. I sit back, relax and watch a video. I could even enjoy the inspirational show with a hot mug of coffee in my hands. It's simply a delicious moment.

Try it.

Besides, it merely takes a few minutes of your time. ;-)

If you're ready, here are three of my favorite motivational youtube videos that you may want to see.

You Can Do This!

Video uploaded by: tuutsik2

Regarding Failure...

Video uploaded by wecell4u

Impossible is Nothing

Video uploaded by MrYurkez


MC said...

Kaka inspire nga! Lam mo naman ako emotera minsan.. These songs are really great help for me! :)

SittieCates said...

Hahaha... Thanks, MC. Yeah, I know, "emotera" ka minsan. ;-) Glad you like it. Thanks.

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